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    I was wondering what people thought about some of the chill spaces we have recently created.

    My favorite chill spaces were Metatronic 2 and at Secret Fire. They were enclosed, well defined, safe places. In Secret Fire the chill stage was close to the fire, that then defined the chill space by its warmth. For non-Chilluminati chill spaces, the one on the lower level at Gaian Mind Summer Festival kicked total ass-age. The GeoLogic chill stage should have been more like the GeoLogic IDM stage.

    My least favorite Chilluminati chill spaces were at GeoLogic and Dreamfields. Those chill spaces were dark, open, undefined places where there were no comfortable zones to sit and listen. It was cold at a certain point at Dreamfields. Maybe this makes me a caveman but I think you need fire.

    I feel a good outdoor chill space needs to be close to a fire and have good places to sit down or lie down. A good indoor chill space needs to be enclosed, womb-like, warm, and softly lit, with plenty of pillows, blankets, or other soft things on the floor.

    I would like your feedback about chill spaces. I really think we need to put more effort into creating the chill space. I feel our chill artists don't have the audience they should have because the spaces we create are so forbidding or uncomfortable. We put all our energy into the main stage and neglect the chill space.

    monkey man

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    I thought the “chill space” at dreamfields was the chair in front of my tent…

    Seriously though, for outdoor parties, I would suggest bringing a few extra pavilios style tents(roof only, no walls) to provide a nice shaded area in front of the chill stage. Investing in a bunch of cheap bean bags would also be a great idea and hitting up goodwill or the salvation army would be a great way to get a supply of blankets and such that you don't care about for very little money.

    Also, not sure about the expense involved, but an oxygen bar would be pretty badass. I can totally picture dancing till my heart decides its time to stop, hitting the chill area for some “pure air”, and heading back to the mayhem for more.

    If you enclose the area a bit, it would be pretty cool to light it with those brhistmass lights that look like flickering candles.

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    Those are pretty good ideas. We need more volunteers and help to carry them out.

    Beanbags are good, but impossible to transport, expensive, and where to store them in the weeks/months between parties?

    We really need more people helping with deco and environment. If we had more people bringing more things like what you suggest, and helping to create the space, this could all be done.

    I think an oxy bar is probably too much money.

    The pavillion shelter idea is doable but we need a few more people to help put things like that up. We had the shelter but not enough time to construct it.

    We had rope lights at Dreamfields but needed to unplug them because they drew too many amps and caused the fuse to blow.

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    Ask and you shall receive.

    I am always willing to help if the party is in my range. As far as bean bags go, just put it on the flyer that you are requesting that people bring something to sit on for the chill area. One extra peice of seating per car isnt going to kill anyone.

    Maybe it would be a good idea to have a “Requests of things people could bring” thread for upcoming parties. YOU knowwhat the space is like and what kind of stuff you are bringing. The rest of us aint got a clue. Hell, if I had known the second stage was stuck with a geminii mixer and no monitors, I would have brought my gear down to make sure the chill dudes weren't stuck on second rate toys.(roland DJ-2000 mixer rigged with 4-channel compressor and an aural exiter running into a pair of m-audio BX-5's all running off a power condidtioner)

    If theres ever anything you wishyou had for a party, I think it would be a good idea to ask beforehand, as the kind of people that frequent this forum tend to have their owbn stuff and are generally pretty free with it as long as they know it won't be abused.

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    I like wide open chill spaces such as dreamfields.

    Be nice (like Nate said) to have comfy things around such as bean bags and chairs and a shade structure during the day (lean-to's and teepees would be cool!).  Or something as simple as blankets. Also, some nice refreshing (FREE!) beverages would be cool too – like water or lemonade.  Toys are awesome too for chill spaces. Something to interact with such as stuffed animals or balls.  Art books with pencils and crayons and stuff rock too!  The more interactive things the better in a chill space.

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    I agree with having a fire close by the chill stage.  i didnt like the darkness as well i couldnt see anyone when i was playing. i was told several times that there were people out there.  and i also found out that from the dj booth from about 2o clock counterclockwise around to about 6 oclock there were tents with people and every one could hear the chill stage really well.  i liked that when i was out an about chilling out in the tents. 

    Christy and i have thought alot on the pillow thing and have come to realize that it would be awsome but there is no garenty that they would all come back and some prolly would have burn holes.  tough im sure that end of things could be thought thru more.

    untill i think of more that it for now

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    Not everything needs to be bought new, hit garage sales!  When we used to have chill stages at our parties we hit garage sales up and got LOTS of fun cuddly things like couches, blankies, bean bags, etc for real cheap.

    Blow up furniture is always nice too!

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    duh…  my wife is always going to garage sales.

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    oh, join your local freecycle too! (

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      Having been designated the deco person at Dreamfields, I was consumed by the vast interior of the barn. I therefore neglected the chill area.  🙁

      If I had more time, I would have thought to put up the shade structures left over. We had three more we could have put up. Also Tiki tourches could have defined the space as well as provide light in lue of a bonfire. Extra blankets would be nice. Jef and I have in the past discussed using inflatable furniture. My concern would be potential damage. The bean bag idea is a good one, but as Jef stated, storage between events would be an issue.

      It is too difficult for one person to do both stage areas. For future events it would be easier to have at least two individuals doing deco. One on each stage, coordinating where needed.

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      I would also like to see us routinely rent a generator. I would have liked to see all lighting powered from a generator so that the sound systems had no competition for amps. If we had had a generator we could have run the rope lighting for the chill stage. The rope lighting looked really cool and it was a shame we had to shut it down to avoid blowing a fuse.

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        I was told Daniel owns a small generator.. maybe we could be use that for lights…

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        What was that generator out by the tents doing?

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        powering the shop lights.  ill talk to my unkle who works at one of the major generator companies in the mil-town Mad-town area  (generix) i think.  ill see what i can find out on that end.

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        I really liked the flowers set up by the chill stage at DF. More of those would be cool!

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