M.A.G.E. 3 : Integration

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      Big thanks to Jeff Zelnio (Eklypz) and Subconcious Collective for having me and Toki out.  Great meeting everyone we hadn't.  Equally great seeing everyone we already knew!

      For those who didn't go, a quick summation : badass people and music, crap weather.  But eh…what can you do?

      Items mistakenly left behind : cardboad box lid containing an RCA cable and power cable for one of my CD decks.
      Airyck, could you bring these with you to Sacred Earth, pretty please?  They're easily replaced, of course, but still…I'd like 'em if someone found 'em.

      More discussion/reflection to follow.  Food and rest now :) 

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      mmmmm.  rest.

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      I was thinking kind thoughts for all the attendees from my warm and dry apartment this weekend !

      hope it went well  ;D

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      Debbie and I had a very dry and warm weekend in our snuggly house. That is our weekend review.


      Sorry though we missed our friends. Hope you eventually dry out.

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        This festie was GREAT!

        I had a fabulous time, even though some of you rippies didn't quite grasp the importance of fire.  😮 It isn't just there to look pretty.  😉

        Thank you to everyone who brought food items to share, thank you to Shagee for the morell shrooms, and thank you assisstant cooks for keeping my cooking entertaining.  ;D

        Thank you to everyone who threw this event, and all the DJs that made it worth while.

        Oh, and to EVERYONE. Thank you for being a part of my life. …and does anyone have any contact info for Vax? I need to personally thank him for saving my life and giving me a little extra warmth in the form of a car heater.  🙂

        Mandi, the Fire-Goddess, and experienced Rippie.

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          Mandi, glad to see you made it home back safe. I don't suppose you have the conversations from your ride back recorded on tape. I've been missing your voice. 🙂
          – mike

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            Lmao.. Actually, the car-ride was rather painless… about an hour outside Saint Paul my eyes were twitching really really bad, though.


            I did indeed make it home safely, and I will be partying hard Wednesday night in KC at the Cup and Saucer… and Friday night at the Grant Emporium and then a house party with some friends. My party never seems to stop, does it?


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            Brain Wizard ruled ALL for playing seriously twisted shit. Nice to see someone do it 'wrong' for a change. Thanks to derby for being the only one to remember to play some goa the whole weekend. Some of the psy was REALLY starting to sound alike after awhile. Dan Efex – pure ownage. Mubali – good shit, fun guy to party with. Underfoot, nice set, still wrong about EVERYTHING. 😉 S.O.T. and Kaizer – Lots of fun. Elekid – I enjoyed the ride, did you? Fire dancers and jugglers – A+++

            Oh, and Jamie, hope to see you again soon, wish I had remembered to even ask where the hell you were from…

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              Think you mean “Brain Lizzard.”  And yeah…that set was something else.

              re : goa // My meager contribution was playing track 2 off this album

              Hats off to Mr. Paradigm — my favorite set of the festival (that I was awake for)!  He presented an airtight mix that had a gradual, calculated transition from the relentless, peak-hour madness into more welcoming territory.  I'm all for the occasional onslaught of fierce head-bangers, but that gets old much quicker than sets with variety, and Paradigm's had plenty of it.  Hope we can get him for Crystal Sky…

              Oh, and Frankie, the dreadlocked girl who did the fire/poi/bellydancing to Amon Tobin…?  Very graceful and mesmerizing. 

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              Frankie was a fucking goddess. I spent most of my “spirtitual experience” the first night watching her dance.

              Oh, and whoever it was giving away food saturday morning, THANK YOU.

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                Amazing weekend everybody! Musically every one was spot on and the vibe was out of hand. Even the constant rain and mud could not dent the determination and vigor to make this event the best it could be. To quote Igor from Saturday night “there is enough energy in this place that if you put every one on bicycles we could power a small city”

                Hope to see you all again next week at Interfuse.

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                Just wanted to drop a quick note to say how much I love and appreciate everyone of you that came (well love everyone else too but especially those that came to M3I). Full promoter report to come when I gather myself back energetically.

                This was a true test of everything I had and I know many people felt tested too. We fucking did it!

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                WOW!! Mother Nature tested our will power to the limit and made us search for power reserves within us for the first time this year 🙂
                I for one can say that i passed the test..yaay ;D ;D I totally agree with Igor's assessment of the energy at the gathering. Only true believers
                withstood the brutality and persevered through the weekend. I dont know what the total count of the gathering was but can say that
                a lot of people stayed till sunday morning. Everyone that I met had great vibes and people tried to make sure that everyone there was enjoying
                themselves as much as they could. Met some Indian pysheads too which is always warming. Thanks to Naveen, Poornima and their friend
                (sorry I forgot ur name) for letting me sleep in the Van for sometime.

                Wonderful organization throughout the gathering. Friendly staff doing their part and making sure everything went well. There were a couple of Djs
                that didnt show up in the EDM stage but the Psy stage was butter smooth in its operation!! Does that say something?? 🙂

                Mubali, VAX and Paradigm are great people and made sure that the event had the energy desired. Hope to see you in the Midwest again!!
                Derby played some great goa tracks in the morning on Saturday that I was not able to dance to because of my physical state..sorry Derby:)

                Jeffz was awake throughout the gathering making sure that everything was falling in place like a expert organizer!! Kudos to you Jeff 🙂 🙂
                Thanks to Airyck for providing me places to lay down a couple of times and sorry to the people whose tents I invaded 😮 ::) ;D ;D 😀
                I made the mistake of not bringing my car to the event and was kinda stuck with not being able to find a hotel room.

                Will make sure to arrange transportation for myself next time to avoid the same problem. I had to leave early sunday morning at about 8:30 am
                as we had to drive back and were totally exhausted from the weather(being wet and cold didnt suit me well ..sorry!!) Looking forward to Sacred
                Earth and hope that I get to meet all of you there:)

                Mahadev Ki Jai


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                Some pics:

                Lots of ubersonic.org but have to dig through the gallery..

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