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Secret Fire II (2006)

July 1, 2006 @ 8:00 am - July 2, 2006 @ 5:00 pm

The Chilluminati present

Secret Fire

July 1, 2006

@ the beautiful Kalyx Center, near Urbana Illinois



Exogenic Records, Finland


6 Dimension Soundz, Japan


6 Dimension Soundz, Japan

TWO outdoor/indoor stages

psychedelic sound, visuals, art and fire, all night long

LINEUP, Artists




Squaremeat are Pepe Kosminen and Francoise Faggott, a psychedelic trance duo from Helsinki, Finland. Pepe has been DJing since the early 90s, and has been active as a member of O*Men, Fluoro Fantasy, Midiliitto and Flying Scorpions, and has also produced music under the pseudonym Lightaman Jr. Francoise is one of the founding members of Texas Faggott with Tomo Tomatoeyes (Tim Thick) of Mandalavandalz, also a member of Midiliitto and several other Finnish groups. All are pioneers of the trance sound in Finland, have vast DJ experience and have toured together and separately across the world. Their sound is best described as funky psychedelic powerdisco, uplifting music for the mindtravels (suomisaundi).




Mason Dixon’s Convection

The FIRST AIM OF VJ MASON DIXON is to reawaken a sense of wonder about one’s environment. Their VISUAL ART attempts to stimulate curiosity and bring people to question their relationship with their surroundings.

VCR / Air Guitar

Dream-like, collage imagery to lull your subconscious awake.




Deep Fryer ~ Esoteric Generation, AK

Specializing in crunchy, delirious nighttime music, he has decimated trancefloors in the US and Japan. The twilight and sunlight hours shift his style towards quirky full-on with a bonky-Scando twist. In either scenario, Deep Fryer slinks around your headspace, splashing disgustingly sick psychedelia o’er the floor.

Toki ~ Audiognomes, WI

Toki is a maker of mischief. A tinkerer. One need only visit his workshop, where teetering junk piles are fashioned into anything from hypnotic mind rays to doomsday dancefloor devices…all of which he tests on us, whether we realize it or not.

Asmadeus ~ Native State Records, IL

A clasically trained pianist from a prestigious music school in Ukraine, Asmadeus has been composing and producing since the age of 12. He founded the first non-profit organization of underground electronic musicians on the internet, United Trackers. With tracks climbing on the London radio charts, Asmadeus has established a unique electonica sound, blending elements of classical sound with drum’n’bass, acid, and trip hop.

S.O.T. ~ TOUCH Samadhi, IL

Growing up in Siberian lowlands, S.O.T was captivated by the magic of never ending forests. After traveling through Europe and coming to North America he found sound that resonates the most with mystic atmospheres of his homeland. S.O.T’s trance sets have brooding, primal energy, a marriage of synthetic and organic. He navigates through winding path, painting layers of mind-bending rhythms. Taking you along on electrifying journey into the enchanted forest, deep into gritty, digital mayhem and back.

Derby ~ TOUCH Samadhi, IL

Derby – a hat that is round and black and hard with a narrow brim; worn by some British businessmen

Kaiser Soze ~ TOUCH Samadhi, IL

By pillaging the occasional village, expanding his music collection, looting, perfecting his track selection, more pillaging, and developing his mixing skills, Kaiser has become one of the leading Psytrance DJ’s in the Midwest. Now a driving force behind the Chilluminati & T.O.U.C.H Samadhi collectives, it’s his goal to spread the sound and vibe that he has so deeply been inspired by, .

Underfoot ~ Audiognomes, WI

Underfoot is a nimble, Puckish gnome, small in stature but large in sound. A peddler of many potions, his sets will perk your ears, tug at your heartstrings and yank at your extremities. Just watch where you step!

PsiloPsyBen ~ Audiognomes, WI

PsiloPsyBen has already made a name for himself throughout the midwest, quickly becoming a veteran of the dark side of psy trance. A rising performer, with an unmistakably original quality and flare to his craft, his sets are not to be missed. And his cats rock.

Robyo ~ Audiognomes, IL

Robyo’s dj style is analogous to the ocean’s tides where tempo, density and color sway though time and a divine oscillating influence. He is an avid fan of psychedelic production techniques and prefers tribal, dub, ambient and trance soundscapes. An experienced and versatile musician in his own right, he will often weave live instrumentation into his sets.

Damon ~ Chillumafia/Divine Balance Records

Psyambient/Downtempo/Psybreaks/Asian Massive/Bhangra/World Music/Chillum

Airyck ~ Subconscious Collective, IA

I’m strong to the finich Cause I eats me spinach . . . I’m one tough gazookus Which tops all palookas; Wot ain’t on the up and square I biffs ‘em and buffs ‘em An’ always outroughs ‘em An’ none of ‘em gets nowhere

Psygomin ~ PSI Control, WI

Full-on Melodic gooey goodness setting you up for hard minimal/darkpsy. Be forewarned.

Professor X ~ Trance Psyndicate, Normal, Illinois

The Professor is the leading authority on genetics, mutation, and psyonic powers with considerable expertise in other life sciences. He possesses a strange, twisted fixation for inducing mental illusion. This is the Professor’s last performance as a Midwest resident.

mindbending decor by

Devorah ~ Vision Collective, IL

Microcosm ~ Microcosm Muse Productions/ Audiognomes [Illinois]

Sound by Nuclear Subs, LAZ

Space-Time Coordinates, Directions

TIME: July 1, 2006. Music begins at 9PM. Gate is open at 7PM. Give yourself time for parking and registration.

Music plays until 10AM Sunday, July 2nd, RAIN or SHINE

SPACE: Kalyx Center

442 E. 1300 North Road (some maps refer to as: 442 Country Road 1300N )

Monticello, IL 61856-9549

GPS coordinates: Longitude -88.66190 Latitude 39.98305

The Kalyx Center is only six miles from Monticello, Illinois.

BE VARY CAREFUL using Mapquest and other Internet Map Tools. They will work in getting you to nearby Monticello, Illinois, but can be totally misleading getting you the remaining six miles to the Kalyx Center. Use the following directions instead:

Housed in a converted 1875 horse barn and farm house, the Kalyx Center provides a safe retreat space and over sixty acres of land for community events such as retreats, campouts, concerts, exhibits and family gatherings in a wooded setting adjoining Robert Allerton Park near Monticello, Illinois. It is only thirty miles and a half-hour drive from Champaign-Urbana. The Kalyx Center has a fascinating story . . .

Getting to the Kalyx Center

Directions to Secret Fire at the Kalyx Center near Monticello, Illinois, roughly halfway between Decatur and Champaign-Urbana.

Be mindful and stout of heart, for many a danger and trial await you on your journey, Seeker of the Secret Fire. Beware especially tricksey expressway numbers that blur and change before your eyes, caused by forces seeking to divert you from your sacred path.

==> From Chicago

I-57 south to I-72 west (exit 235) at Champaign-Urbana. (110 miles from I-80/I-57 interchange)

(Seekers of the path to Secret Fire take note: I-72 -not- I-74. The I-72 interchange is 2 miles south of the I-74 interchange on I-57. Obviously forces are at work against us.)

I-72 west to Bridge Street exit 164 in Monticello (17.3 miles)

See Monticello I-72 exit 164

==> From Champaign-Urbana

Church Street to I-72 west. Be aware that forces hostile to Secret Fire Seekers may attempt to confuse you onto I-74 instead of the One True Way of I-72.

I-72 west to Bridge Street exit 164 in Monticello (17.3 miles from I-72/I-57 interchange)

See Monticello I-72 exit 164

==> From Champaign-Urbana Amtrak station

University Ave west 3 blocks turn right at third stoplight (Randolph St)

Randolph St north two blocks turn left at first stoplight (Church St)

Church St west 1.8 miles through four stoplights (State St, Prospect Ave, Mattis Ave, Coutry Fair Dr)

After the fourth stoplight, Church turns into I-72 West

I-72 west to Bridge Street exit 164 in Monticello (17.3 miles from I-72/I-57 interchange)

See Monticello I-72 exit 164

==> From Champaign-Urbana Willard airport (CMI)

Head for airport exit, turn right at stoplight (US Route 45)

US Route 45 south to Monticello Road (1 mile) turn right at stoplight (Monticello Road)

Monticello Road west to I-57 (1.5 miles)

I-57 North to I-72 west exit 235 (5.2 miles)

I-72 west to Bridge Street exit 164 in Monticello (17.3 miles)

See Monticello I-72 exit 164

==> From St. Louis

I-55 north to I-72 east (exit 98) at Springfield (98 miles from I-55 River crossing)

I-72 east to Bridge Street in Monticello (exit 164) (60 miles)

See Monticello I-72 exit 164

==> From Indianapolis

I-74 west to I-57 south (exit 179) at Champaign-Urbana (114 miles from I-74/I-465 interchange)

I-57 south to I-72 west (exit 235) at Champaign-Urbana. (2 miles)

I-72 west to Bridge Street exit 164 in Monticello (17.3 miles from I-72/I-57 interchange)

See Monticello I-72 exit 164

==> From the northwest, Iowa and the Quad Cities

I-74 east to I-57 south (exit 179) at Champaign-Urbana

I-57 south to I-72 west (exit 235) at Champaign-Urbana. (2 miles)

I-72 west to Bridge Street exit 164 in Monticello (17.3 miles from I-72/I-57 interchange)

See Monticello I-72 exit 164

==> Monticello I-72 exit 164

[I’ve found that the local police are unusually cranky about drivers exceeding the speed limit in Monticello. Especially on the stretch of Allerton Road when you’re leaving Monticello and you think you’re in the country and the speed limit is really 45mph for a…..very……very……long…..time.]

Turn onto Bridge Steet towards Monticello, go 1.4 miles to first stoplight (Market St)

Right at first stoplight onto Market St 0.4 miles to first stop sign (Marion) (by the County Market store)

Right at stop sign onto Marion 0.3 miles to first stop sign (Allerton Rd) (T-ish intersection at the golf course)

Left at stop sign onto Allerton Rd 4.8 miles to T-intersection (E 1300 North Rd)

Ignore the giant purple M&M blocking the road, it’s probably not really there

Right at T-intersection onto E 1300 North Rd 0.4 miles to 442 E 1300 North Road

Look for “kalyx center” sign on right side


Ticket Prices

18+ (unless accompanied by parent)

Children under 12 (accompanied by parent) FREE

$20 per person / $5 per vehicle


bring photo ID, you will be carded.

General Info

Obey the law, which includes No Fireworks. Fireworks are illegal in Illinois.

If you do not bring a flashlight to this event, be prepared to walk into trees and fall down, often. The darkness shows no mercy. Arm yourself.

LEAVE NO TRACE. We will provide trash bags on request. Please do not litter, and especially please throw away plastic water bottles. Respect the venue.

PLEASE STAY to the end and help us to take down deco and equipment. The more you can help, the more we can stay sane and preserve a good relationship with the venue. The venue loves to see people staying to clean up.

Nearest hotel: Best Western Inn

805 Iron Horse Ln, Monticello, IL


Pets are not allowed.

Portapotties are available onsite.

Food, bottled water and other beverages will be available for purchase. You can also bring your own. You will be able to easily access your car during the event.

Also bring: camp chairs, blankets, warm coat, anything else campy.

We encourage vending at this event. The vending fee is $25 in addition to basic registration. Contact us at crew (AT) chilluminati (DOT) org with your vending proposal.

You can set up a tent if you want.

Fire spinning is encouraged!

Participants can be refused entry or removed from the event for any reason.

No ins and outs. Due to parking, we cannot allow people to leave the park without paying an additional parking fee. If you leave the park, your vehicle is not guaranteed parking upon your return.

No independent stages.

Wristbands must be worn at all times. Broken wristbands must be returned to event organizers who will issue a replacement. People without wristbands must pay the gate fee for a new wristband. People found on the property without a wristband, who are unwilling to pay the gate fee, will be escorted off the property through the main gate, no exceptions.

Please bring a photo ID. We will be carding all attendees to verify 18+.

Lineup schedule will be posted at the event.

NEAREST HOSPITAL: John & Mary E Kirby Hospital

1111 N State St, Monticello, IL


Great hiking at beautiful next-door neighbor Robert Allerton Park.

Volunteer Program

If you want to volunteer, tell a Chilluminati organizer at the front gate when you arrive. Chilluminati will be wearing the Chilluminati logo.

– Please remember that you must purchase tickets even if you think you may be reimbursed by volunteering. We would reimburse you AFTER you had done your volunteer time. . . and we are NOT GUARANTEEING we can use you as a volunteer.

– Please note, very important: WE CANNOT GUARANTEE you will get to be a volunteer. We only have budget for a small number of volunteers. You should not budget for this event counting on being comped at the end. This is NOT a guaranteed free admission to the event.

With the above 2 points made, here is how volunteering will work:

– To maximize your chances of being a comped volunteer, our preference will be for people who show up by noon on Saturday. Some of our biggest challenges will be on Friday so we will make our strongest commitments to people who are available first thing Friday.

– We are generally comping for people who commit to setup on Saturday, helping with cleanup on Sunday, or committing to 4 hours of working gate or parking during the event. We also have strong interest in volunteers with emergency medical training. Please contact us directly if you have that under your belt.

– Volunteers can only be confirmed as volunteers at the event when you show up, not via email or phone before the event.

– Once you are finished, you need to be signed off by the Chilluminati event staff that you worked, you will be eligible for reimbursement of your attendance fee and other perks.

– Compensation will be made within 30 days of the event by mail. If we run out of T-shirts we will mail you one, so leave your mailing address with us. If you have to leave before the event, we need to get your mailing address and will mail you your stuff.

– There will be at least 2 Chilluminati Crew at all times. You will be working with them providing directions and scheduling. Please make sure they know you worked as a volunteer, and have them sign off.

– If you want to volunteer, come with water bottles, comfortable clothing, flashlights, comfortable shoes, hat, and rain gear so you can handle the weather that staff will be working; also so you can work at night.

– If you have a Family Radio Service (FRS) 2-way radio, please bring it!! (these are the radios with 14 channels and 38 squelch codes, they are very inexpensive).

Our model for security is Burning Man’s Black Rock Rangers. We intend to follow a unintrusive, low-key peaceful approach to event security. We need people with good diplomatic skills, basically happy people committed to having fun but alert and mature.


Housed in a converted 1875 horse barn and farm house, the Kalyx Center provides a safe retreat space for community events such as retreats, campouts, concerts, exhibits and family gatherings in a wooded setting next to Allerton Park. Both the house and the barn were originally built on nearby land, and moved to the Kalyx Center. “A house was going to be demolished, so Bill [Taylor] bought it for a dollar and had it moved onto the land in 1986. The barn, likewise, was slated to be demolished, but the cost of moving it was prohibitive, so he tore it down and rebuilt it on his land in 1989. Kalyx hosted international work camps, whose volunteers helped do the work.”

The Kalyx Center is run by progressive radio activist Bill Taylor. As a student at the University of Illinois, Bill was an anti-war activist who was disturbed by the level of disinformation and bad reporting about the war in Vietnam by mainstream media. After years of effort Bill established one of the nation’s only and oldest independent community-owned radio stations, WEFT, at the University of Illinois at Urbana.

After establishing WEFT, Bill and his daughters moved to Honduras, and lived there for several years. Upon their return from Central America, Bill began “. . . a project to get funding to transfer outmoded technology from the U.S. to Third World countries . . . helping build radio stations in Central America. His project is called Primary Communications Project, and it’s helped a dozen radio stations get built or improved.” Bill says that radio is an extremely important communication medium in central America, but most stations are technically very poorly equipped. “In the country of Honduras, for example, there are a total of five radio engineers to serve 120 stations. Bill has seen radio stations with exposed wiring and tendencies to burst into flame. One Nicaraguan station he helped build was blown up a couple of weeks later, probably by contras.”

One of Bill’s most exciting efforts is the Illinois Shortwave Project. As Bill says, “While relatively unknown in the U.S., shortwave radio is the most universally owned communications medium in the world, with 660,000,000 receivers worldwide. Currently, U.S. shortwave is dominated by right wing kooks and propaganda. We’re working to build a high power listener sponsored shortwave station near C-U which will be able to bring progressive programming to all areas of the U.S., and at the same time show the outside world that there are many people here who have a world view which differs with that of our government.”

More about Bill Taylor and the Kalyx Center


July 1, 2006 @ 8:00 am
July 2, 2006 @ 5:00 pm


The Chilluminati


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