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Crystal Sky 2006 Full Moon Festival

October 6, 2006 @ 8:00 am - October 8, 2006 @ 5:00 pm

The Chilluminati present Crystal Sky Full Moon

October 6-8, 2006 an outdoor event near Black River Falls, Wisconsin

Gotowww.chilluminati.orgfor more info and tickets on this exciting event!

Discuss this event @http://forum.chilluminati.org/…pic,649.0.html

Get on the mailing list @http://www.chilluminati.org/contacts/

The psychedelic caravan stops in Wisconsin once again . . . Visionary Nomads, Gnostic Gypsies, join us for THREE days, TWO nights, and TWO stages of chill/trance/psychedelic/future Sound, Visuals, Art, Art and Spiritual Growth Workshops, and amazing Community.

Join us at our beautiful wooded and hilly campground and retreat center, with pond and warm indoor and outdoor amenites, many beautiful and secluded campsites, for a relaxing and energizing gathering Last Chance Blast before the Autumn chill sweeps in.

The CHILLUMINATI opened 2006 with the biggest Chinese festival of the year, the New Year. We close 2006 on the night of the second-biggest Chinese festival of the year, the Moon Festival. We also gather on the the Full Moon, a night of Power for Goans across the planet. Come Merge Your Light with Ours.

Complete info and tickets atwww.chilluminati.org

LINEUP, Artists


Random ~ geomagnetic.tv, Vaporvent, Divine Balance, San Francisco

Ross Dubios (aka RANDOM) is known for constantly making music that kidnaps the listeners’ mind and sends it spiraling across frequency and time. His unique sound is intelligent, crunchy, groovy and mind expanding. His flavor is ripe for the harvest and the music is perfectly seasoned for maximizing your pleasure centers. Not only has this genius of psychedelic wizardry been ZAPPING packed dance floors silly – but he has been doing it for many years both as one of the Bay Areas first GOA/PSY dj’s but also as one of the pioneering PSY projects. Random has 14+ tracks out on 10+ compilations on acid dance, shiva space, spun, timecode and MORE. Check out Random’s full-length album IMPLICATE ORDER released on Geomagnetic!

Primordial Ooze ~ geomagnetic.tv, Divine Balance, Chicagowaukee

Dark Psy. Dance with Primordial Ooze and trigger your Reptilian Brain. Feel the Serpent Within as the specially designed tones systematically awaken your amygdala, entrance you, and have you slithering along. Yes, Virginia, There are Mutherfuckin Snakes on the Mutherfuckin Plane. Their latest work is featured on the Geomagnetic release Digital Drugs

Convolution Integral ~www.joshbrill.com,Chicago

Josh Brill is the founder and a member of Convolution Integral; a concept in which Josh orchestrates and manipulates soundscapes, live instruments, and dense modern harmonies, while using a jazz/jam band improvisational approach. The psymbient sound that CI brings to the world is a duality of the ambient and the participatory. The guitar soundscapes that CI creates begin with a single note, and through the use of loops, the past and present meet as they convolve with their distant relative, the future. Josh has toured as a guitarist with numerous national and international acts, including Dale Bozzio, Mike Mangini, David Jacobs-Strain, and Kenny Passarelli.

Kourosh Dini ~www.kouroshdini.com,Chicago

Kourosh Dini is a classically trained musician and a psychiatrist focusing on the development of human thought. The creation of his music is a reflection of the development of life. His cycling flow of dark and light offers a soundtrack for philosophical contemplation, a great backdrop for generating conversation and a must listen for those who wish to dig a little deeper to appreciate the beauty contained within.


~~~ full bios @www.chilluminati.org~~~

Paradigm ~ Mindfunk, Maia, geomagnetic.tv, San Francisco

Paradigm’s reputation for pinpoint accurate mixing, smooth and clean equalizer work, dynamic and groovy bass-lines and infectious stage persona caught the attention of America’s psy trance scene, and has made him one of the most sought trance DJ’s in North America. Paradigm has been fortunate enough to share the stage with artists such as Wizzy Noise, Atomic Pulse, D-tek, Eskimo, Neuromotor, Hyper-Frequencies, Earthling, Dark Soho, Miraculix, C.P.U., Quadra, Astrix, Nomad, Paul Taylor (Spun), Shawnodese (Mind Funk), Arturo (Maia), Anneli (Sweden) and so on…and of course many if not most of the US based producers including Penta, Chromatone, Random, Deeper in Zen, Greg on Earth, Mubali and almost every other U.S. live-performance worth mentioning.

Meghan ~ Goahead Productions, Ohio

Meghan, who has been spinning since 1999, is one of the original members of the Goahead roster from northeast Ohio and one of the best-known DJs in the east central US. Her sets will take you on a journey, with mixes that are very well constructed using tracks from all genres of psytrance music.

Uzi ~ Goahead Productions, Cleveland/Russia

UZI has been part of the Goahead DJ roster for 3 years now and has played many memorable sets, including his last appearance for Chilluminati at Metatronic 2. His sound is full-on and very psychedelic!

Moke ~ Goahead Productions, Cleveland

Moke is one of the original members of the Goahead crew. He has been throwin down at Ohio stomps for years. He will be bringing it hard dark and psychedelic with some of his newest production work mixed in!

Malachi ~ Goahead Productions, Cleveland

Malachi began DJ’ing Psy/Goa in 1999 and founded Goahead Productions in Cleveland Ohio. With an emphasis on showcasing multiple forms of art and providing an audio/visual journey, Goahead events have received much positive feedback. Over the past year Malachi has started placing more focus on piecing together and DJ’ing well-thought out Psymbient sets.

Alberto ~ Cosmic Traveller, Italy

Alberto has unique style, flawless performance skills, he is true connoisseur of emotional driving tribal music. Talented and methodical, he creates intelligent Soundscapes alternating melodic intensity and compositional depth. Dance floor mayhem is guaranteed!

Creative visual artist and well known organizer, driving force behind Cosmic Traveler.

Shai ~ Divine Balance, dbsonic, Chicago

Trained since she was a girl by the Bene Gesserit sisterhood, Shai is now a DJ, medical and Ayurvedic doctor, producer and founder of the Divine Balance label. Her Indian fusion electronica is changing the planet. Her beats pry your Third Eye open with a sonic crowbar. Boom shanti!

Medisin ~ TOUCH Samadhi, Asheville, NC

Medisin has no compare, no equal. In a world of hideous mutants, he is the lone chainsaw wielding white guy. Mock him only if you do not value your life.

S.O.T. ~ TOUCH Samadhi, Divine Balance, Chicago

S.O.T. is a primal force in the North American scene. He is a hunter trained in the Siberian steppes by Buryat shamans; he tracks his musical prey with cunning and stealth. Donning the skin of an elk, you will not see his advance until he is upon you. Then it will be too late.

Kaiser Soze ~ TOUCH Samadhi, Divine Balance, Milwaukee

Kaiser is the Katrina of Midwestern psytrance. He looms off your coastline and, before you can react, will demolish and flood your senses. He will leave you a battered refugee. You will be begging for federal relief when Kaiser is through with you.

PsiloPsyBen ~ Audiognomes, Triplag, Madison

PsiloPsyBen is an agent of consciousness. He will bring to life that which sleeps within you. Listen, and in your trance awaken.

Underfoot ~ Audiognomes, Madison

Infected by a rare cattle virus, Underfoot became unhinged many years ago and began dj’ing psychedelic trance music. Now known mostly as a leader in the Wisconsin leather fashion underground, he spins for us an epic tale of pounding, throbbing rhythm and good gnomes gone bad. We promise you his hippie killing days are over.

Toki ~ Audiognomes, Madison

Toki is a maker of mischief. A tinkerer. One need only visit his workshop, where teetering junk piles are fashioned into anything from hypnotic mind rays to doomsday dancefloor devices. His latest device summons the machine elves to do his bidding, twisting your reality into tormented shards of glowing rhythm.

Geal ~ Audiognomes, Madison

Geal will congeal your mind, and retake that which has been lost.

Safa ~ Data Mandali, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Brazilian Bruno Franca aka DJ Safa has been around electronic music since he was nine years old and has dj’ed with the best artists in the Sao Paulo scene. When he turned 17 a friend of his taught him how to spin, and THAT WAS IT, Bruno lost his mind and has never gone back. Bruno and DJ Mari are the organizers of the HUGE Data Mandali party. Visit them when you are in Sao Paulo.

Asmadeus ~ Native State, Tranceplant, Chicago

A clasically trained pianist from a prestigious music school in Ukraine, Asmadeus has been composing and producing since the age of 12. He founded the first non-profit organization of underground electronic musicians on the internet, United Trackers. With tracks climbing on the London radio charts, Asmadeus has established a unique electonica sound, blending elements of classical sound with drum’n’bass, acid, and trip hop. And GAWD DOES HE HAVE A HOT LITTLE ASS.

Yidam ~ Bengaliens, Divine Balance, Chillumafia, Chicago:US/Kolkata:India

(Chillout/Dub/IDM/Ambient) Recently returned from India, Chillumafia don charsibaba’s sound is about BALANCE. Mixing beatless atmospheric music and glitchy IDM, he creates space and time that transcends thump. Integrating organic instruments into the mix adds a live element to his music which is specifically used to send listeners on one long float through the stratosphere.

Derby ~ TOUCH Samadhi, Chicago

Derby’s reputation precedes him as he is now one of the most paradoxically loved and feared of the Chicago secret elite. His roundish and jagged sounds will disorient you then place you firmly on top of the mountain. How you get down is up to you . . . Tips accepted.

Levi ~ Independent, Chicago

With a strong European influence combined with a wide range of electronic music styles, Levi will rock anything from acid to electro or house to techno. All with the common thread of chunky basslines & minimalist beats. She marries the bleeps & glitches of minimal techno with the round, warm baselines of house music, and always shares her undying passion for the underground music scene.

Zero Six ~ Trance Psyndicate, Bloomington

Zero Six has been involved in the electronic music scene since the nineties and began DJing psychedelic trance in 2001. One of the masterminds behind the groundbreaking Illogical Productions Crew and central Illinois’ Trance Psyndicate, he continues to break ground with the mythodical and pulsing waves of energy that make up the path to the iridescent dreamscapes created within his internal Department of Psychoactivity.

Nod ~ TOUCH Samadhi, Those People Productions, Asheville, NC

Nod began his explorations of electronic music listening to the twisted psychedelic rock of the ozric tentacles as a wee hippie lad. Throughout the years his ears have traversed far stranger realms of ambience ranging from dub to trip hop to grinding drones and everywhere in between. There’s always something new going on in the land of Nod . . .

Robyo ~ Audiognomes, Rockford

Robyo was born and raised on the wrong side of the tracks in badass Rockford, where he played bass in several well-known punk and hardcore bands. At the age of 21 he moved to Oregon state and discovered electronica. While in the Pacific Northwest, he learned to play the djembe and didjeridoo, but now he is back in the Midwest with a vengeance. Robyo’s style is analogous to the ocean’s tides where tempo, density and color sway though time and a divine oscillating influence. An avid fan of psychedelic production techniques, he prefers tribal, dub, ambient and trance soundscapes.

Damon ~ Divine Balance, Chillumafia, Chicago

Listening to music is never enough. Damon continues to slather you within a seamless intervention of psymbient, downtempo, dub & world music. Within his love of melody & tribal elements he dives into all timelines, releasing a blend of articulately chosen worldly sounds. Listening to music is never enough.

Airyck ~ Subconscious Collective, Iowa

Airyck is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (the other three are Ted, Steve and Shawn). As such he is a peerless commando of the stomping grounds, and his sonic depth charges will burst your reality and leave you sinking into the depths. Take a deep breath.

Psygomin ~ Psi Control, Appleton

PSI Control’s reach over Wisconsin and the Midwest is growing. Once again Psygomin, northeast Wisconsin’s Psychedelic Dance Music Extraordinaire, will venture out to space/time travel to his next destination. Beings from many realms have ventured out into the northern cold to listen to and enjoy the hot cosmic sounds of Psygomin. We promise you, the voices in Psygomin’s head are REAL.

psych0tron ~ Dead Beat Productions, Madison

psych0tron is quickly becoming a staple of the Midwest’s formidable gothic/industrial scene. Getting his start in 1999, psych0tron specializes in blending hard dance beats with smooth synthpop, and will be the first to play powernoise, electroindustrial and other brain surgery at a Chilluminati event. When not bringing his trademark deck fury to Madison’s Club Inferno, psych0tron plays drums for local electronic outfit Sensuous Enemy.

Bacon Manager ~ Bacon Management, Addict Records, Milwaukee

When not making prank phone calls to fastfood restaurants and chauffeuring Pharcyde, Bacon Manager aka MC Progressive P can’t remember much of the last two years of his life but he does know that he has that inner tingly feeling. His influences include a laundry list of dub reggae, techno, house, punk, break core, hip-hop, down tempo, IDM, synth-pop and jazz alongside the occasional stand-up comedy or television soundtrack piece as filler.


~~~ full bios @www.chilluminati.org~~~

Mason Dixon ~www.vjmasondixon.com,Chicago

The FIRST AIM OF VJ MASON DIXON is to reawaken a sense of wonder about one’s environment. Their VISUAL ART attempts to stimulate curiosity and bring people to question their relationship with their surroundings.

The Paka Paka Lightshow ~www.pakapaka.org,Milwaukee

The Paka Paka Lightshow consists of the father & son team Jerry and Reuben Fortier and long time collaborator Dale Kaminski. In 1968, Fortier founded the Eyes of Khamphalous Lightshow in Madison, WI. As the visuals behind the Broadway production of “Warp” and the resident lightshow for the Melkweg and Paradiso clubs in Amsterdam from 1969 to 1972, the Khamphalous Lightshow created a unique psychedelic visual experience. The Paka Paka Lightshow brings this experience into the digital age.

Devorah & The Fixer ~www.visioncollective.org,Chicago

Born in the shadow of the Cuban Missile Crisis, Devorah & The Fixer bring the sweet scent of thermonuclear salvation to every Chilluminati party. Award-winning artist Devorah and The Fixer have done deco for every Chilluminati party, and for other events such as Entheon. Their approach is a mixture of original art combined with found objects, fabric, home furnishings used in ways other than intended, and theatrical materials, for the transformation of experiential space.

Microcosm ~ Microcosm Muse Productions, Audiognomes, Chicago

Microcosm (or “Cosm” for short) was once a proud member of the trancers, children of the late night limitation. Constantly seeking something a little bit more creative within sound, she pushed and sought at every event she could to find something…something…but what? Then one fateful night she heard it. At first unsure of what it was, she tiptoed towards it, peered at it with her ears and found something more beautiful then anything she had heard before : Psy. Like an alien autopsy it probed in and injected her with new life. She now eats three healthy doses of Psy a day. You might also see her about, covered in strange neon ribbons, or stomping about in mad fashion on the dancefloor. Just be careful, for she is known to grab one by the hand to twirl them dizzy.

Yidam ~ Bengaliens, Divine Balance, Chillumafia, Chicago:US/Kolkata:India

Yidam brings us beautiful tapestries! Look at the pretty colors!

Dimitry ~ Chicago

Bringing the global to the local – Dimitry distills the essence of magic in his chill installations at Crystal Sky.

Lasers, Death Rays by UnderSound Productions

Growth Workshops organized by EKLYPZ

Sound by Nuclear Subs, LAZ

Tickets and Promotional Support by PSYMBOLIC

Flyer by Funkadafi, Underfoot

Forum support by Derby

Web publishing and memetic engineering by The Fixer


Phoenix Traders ~ Rockford, Illinois

Phoenix Traders is Rockford’s imaginatively spirited importer of fine handicrafts and artifacts from planet Earth. We directly support the artisans with the belief that trade is a two-way street. We practice Fair Trade and we are constantly seeking products that enrich and improve the quality of life for both the artisans and purchasers of our offerings.

We will be selling UV active batiks wall hangings of Indian Gods/Goddesses, Buddha, Om Symbols, and Wisdom Eyes from Nepal. Clothing from beach life like split front pants with mirrors, sarongs, Sun Dresses, Hemp clothing and Hemp bags. Incense and incense burners. And other fun stuff.

more info on artists and event @www.chilluminati.org


18+ (unless accompanied by parent)

Children under 12 (accompanied by parent) FREE

bring photo ID, you will be carded.

PRESALES: $30 per person. BUY ATwww.chilluminati.org

Presales end October 2, 2006.

GATE: $40 per person, CASH ONLY. No checks accepted.

This is not a “show”. This is a TRIBE. Participate! Do something, Make something.

Whatever Performance, Art, Design, Clothing, Construction, Demonstration, Evolution, Oscillation, Vibration, Creation, Increase, Love, Understanding you can bring to this, is what needs to be brought.

Participate freely, come and bring whatever you can and must to make this village a more beautiful place.

More ways to get involved @www.chilluminati.org

Camping and community info @www.chilluminati.org

The Chilluminati ~ Bringing Psychedelic Sound, Art and Community to the Midwestern US


October 6, 2006 @ 8:00 am
October 8, 2006 @ 5:00 pm


The Chilluminati


Camp NCN
N8390 US-12
Black River Falls, WI 54615 United States
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