Sacred Earth 2017 Artist Spotlight: NephilNine

NephilNine is the brainchild of New York artist Sue Helfrich, creating event decorations and installation art since 2004. A classically-trained artist with a degree in Fashion Design from Fashion Institute of Technology (NYC, USA), Helfrich is deeply involved in each NephilNine installation:

“What drew me to decorating events was a passion for immersing someone in a fantastic environment. As a child, I dreamed of being able to explore the surreal worlds portrayed in fantasy/science fiction movies and TV shows. Now I enjoy being able to create worlds of my own design, even if only for a night, so that others may explore them.”

The NephilNine repertoire includes stretched spandex forms, a variety of geometric and organic 3-D UV sculptures, and large-scale string installations. These often psychedelic creations define events ranging from underground dance parties and major music festivals to private ceremonies and celebrations all over the world. NephilNine’s art is primarily made of layered cut fabric shapes. The fabric, which is often combined with other types sculpture, shapes space and light, surrounding performers and participants in beautiful environments.

Each space is different. No two installations are alike. Each is a study of Impermanence, Improvisation, and Growth. Lighting provided by other artists adds changing dimension. NephilNine takes the entirety of the space into consideration when designing, including the environmental impact of the materials used.

Check out her amazing installations all weekend at the Sun Stage!

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