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      I live in dupage county, naperville which is west of chicago. I was wondering if there are any rave psy, or techno events going on around, the suburbs west of chicago, These dont really have to be big, anywhere to party is fine. Also if there are any people around here that enjoys psy trance music, or raves in general please respond to this, the party scene around here is really kinda dead…. which really sux cus i cant find anything going on around here. The only parties that i herd rumors about are some goth raves in aroura, a city near by. I have never been to any nor, do i know these even exist, as i said the scene is almost dead if anything is going on its probably only known to little groups of people, and kept under tight lids. I really hope to get into the party scene out here, any responses is greatly appreciated.

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        I'm sure with some time and planning I could get a bunch of DJ's together. I have access to most equiptment needed for a small event. My main problem is finding a location that's safe and isn't too expensive to rent. I'll PM you with my email addy.

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        IMHO you should gather all together then come and support psyevents that are taking a place in Chicago first. Just a thought 🙂

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