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      Being the first post on this forum for me, I will commemorate it to the advancement of thinking about other areas of thought mathematically that are traditionally not thought of as a form or branch of mathematics.

      I have discussed this idea elsewhere in in the Talk section, and in the Breakcore chatroom on Soulseek, and now, from the way this particular forum on the Chilluminati website is described, I will share it here as well.

      The word “mathematics” is derived from the Greek word “mathematekoi”, which means “those who study all”.  Do mathematicians “study all” today?  Not really.  All the math they study revolves around a set of traditional representations like the stuff you find in math textbooks.  There's a word similar to “math” from Old English; “mathein”, which means “to be aware”.  And another one from Old German; “munthen”, which means “to awaken”.  Interesting…  Because if a person truly “studied all”, wouldn't they “be aware” of certain things that others were not, and wouldn't they “awaken” from ignorance?

      Well, that's why I started this topic.  This topic represents a reawakening of what mathematics truly is and means to us, not only on the scientific and practical benefits its abstract models provide in our modern world, but also the spirituality that's brought about mathematical thought, and the feeling of transcending time and space simply by truly knowing something for the first time.  Math is unlike any other subject in the world.  In fact, it encompasses all.  No other subject allows in both newbies and experts alike on its deepest mysteries, no other subject can be more easily understood and communicated, even by people who speak different native languages, and no other subject is more balanced in natural and formal language.  It's open to all, anything that is “intelligent”; you don't even have to be human, for crying out loud!  There are no secrets in math; no one can lie through math and no secrets can be kept from others; there are people either ahead of us in understanding, or behind, or somewhere in between, but no secrets.  It's universal; all intelligent life participate in mathematical thought at some point in their life.

      And because of all this, mathematics will allow ourselves to break the vicious cycles of repeating history, see not only through light but also through time, know ourselves in a deeper way than we could ever imagine, and take our place in the most epic story ever, the story we were born into that billions of years have gone into the making of us.  We are more than people.  And all the branches of math can prove it.  That is my conjecture (not really, but it's a start; in order for it be a real conjecture, it needs more rigor than that, but you get the idea).

      On a side note, I am a producer of electronic music, particiularly breakcore (sort of, not completely though).  I have been featured in Computer Music Magazine in their Reader Demos section for Issue 102, July 2006 (it should be coming here soon!).  Check out my music at  Thank you.

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      Ok, a little late on the uptake here but its a slow day at work and I have just gotten around to wandering through the back pages.
      Thanks for the linguistic references, always enjoy finding the connections between words, the development of words and ideas jointly, et al.
      Mathematics is universal and yes you don't even have to be human if you can decipher the agreed on meanings of a handful of symbols. The history of mathematics has continually exposed spiritual concepts. Each form of mathematics (Pythagorean, Newtonian, etc) has reached deeper, not necessarily denying the previous forms but rather going beyond, sometimes looking from a totally different perspective that allows vision of other truths that do not deny the previous even if it sometimes makes them seem simplistic and irrelevant (probably a situational thing).
      Personally I haven't the patience or aptitude for mathematics but as a spiritual seeker am always pleased when someone explains with great enthusiasm their newfound understanding of a theory that clearly says what we have known for thousands of years through the Vedas, the Kabballah, the Hougans and Shamans of the world.
      Which reminds me (thinking about kabballah and gematria)…Karen and I were talking about some lessons we study and the notebook she was carrying chock full of occult diagrams and stuff, as we wandered down to the main stage at Crystal Moon or whatever it was called and the first thing we see on the video was a Tree of Life floating by…followed by a pentacle and I think a planetary seal or something…a nice synchronystic moment…believe it said Merkaba was dj with and Mekabalah on vid (LOVE that name).
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