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    As by now im sure that a good bunch of you know that i have started a crew up here in appleton.  as of now i am working on getting some sound gear and a venue (not a club venue).  so things will go from just PSI Control to PSI Control Productions.  i know as a crew a good step to take is getting a web page up and running. 

    i have asked a few people up here on it and i dont get the answers im looking for.  so i have decited to ask those of you on here that know web related stuff some questions. 

        i would like to know how much it would cost eather monthly or yearly for a page that has enough space and band width availble so i can post several mixes.  i am not the only decient dj in my crew and i know there would always be 3 mixes from differnt dj's up all the time.  i know already there will be a rule for those in my crew something to the effect of only one mix up at a time.

      i know there also has been a forum mentioned and i do not at this time want one.  i would like to get the appleton area back on the map for parties befor i would like to go that route. 

    the only other major information i would like would be in reguards to actually organizing events, so i know what i all have to have done to producce one legaly.  for answers i would prefer pm's do to the possible sensitive information.

    i love how i cant even stay on subject in my own thread hehe,  i am also working on getting my ass up into green bay.  i was approched on saterday in reguards to playing in green bay. so my leg of what i have been wanting to do with psy in north east wisconsin is starting to pay off.  and the only way to go is west twards min.

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    I can give you 200GB bandwidth / month plus 10GB storage for $30/month

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