SHANTI JATRA ORGANIC FESTIVAL Oct 2011, Nepal – Presales online!

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    South East Asia's premier alternative electronic music festival is back!

    Two years after the untimely demise of one of the founding members which led to the festival being cancelled, the crew took some time off to regroup and thought over to recreate the magic of this wonderful gathering.

    The result, an interesting and fresh concept based on organic life style emerged along with supporting Visit Nepal Tourism Year 2011.

    Along with the 2 stages, Main (Dance) and Chill, there will be another stage called New Age Arena where there will be Group Shamanic healers from worldwide, Workshops on Organic life style, meditation and group yoga sessions. Organic food stalls , organic bar and display of organic food grown in Nepal will be the other key areas of this gathering. Shanti Jatra will be a vibrant upbeat celebration of music, food and creativity.

    Our motto will and always will be the same, that WE ARE ONE!

    Our aim is to create the colourful setting with the same amazing and friendly vibes, which captivated many imaginations thoughts in our previous editions, in a new and exciting way under the breathtaking landscape of Nepal.

    Come join us once again to recreate those magical moments. We welcome you back!


    The lineup at the music stage so far is as below :


    (Dance Stage)
    Electrypnose (2to6 Rec, Swiss)
    Hyper Frequencies (Mechanik Rec, France)
    Para Halu (Psylife Music, Hungary)
    Imaginary Sight (Glowing Flame, MAcedonia)
    Enichkin Project (Avatar Rec, Russia)
    Malice in Wonderland (2to6 Rec, Austria)
    Ianuaria (Glowing flame, Austria)
    Braindrop (Omveda Rec, India)
    Vaeya (Occulta Rec, India)
    White Wizard (Lycantrop Rcds, India)
    Silence Project (Beyondlogic, India)
    more TBA


    Daksinamurti (Nexus Media, Germany)
    Jafar (Beyondlogic, India)
    DJ Mash/Pulse (Omveda Rec, India)
    S.O.N.R (India)
    Wicked Sound System (Agartha Rec, India)
    Cosmic Tandav (Omveda Rec, Dubai)
    Beat-chop (2to6 Rcds, Iran)
    Dj Kranti (Nepal)
    Djane Payal (Nepal)
    more TBA


    Enichkin Project
    East Stepper (India) Live
    Yidam (Liquid Frequency, India)
    Reggae Rajahs (India)
    Rainbow Efreet (France)
    Liminal Roots (Dubai)
    Binaural Kollectiv (OcculTech , Dubai) – Dubtechno/Minimal
    more TBA


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    Final round of presales @ USD 64 till September 12th


    Tents for rent for 3 days @ 35 USD
    http://www.shantijatraorganicfestival.c … ities.html

    Music & Arts @ Shanti Jatra

    Our aim is to unite people and bring them peace, therefore Shanti Jatra Organic Festival 2011 offers a blend of diverse music divided into two different musical stages: World Electronic Music stage and Chillout/Newage stage.

    Dance Stage

    Electrypnose (2to6 Rcds, Swiss)
    Hyper Frequencies (Mandala Rcds, France)
    Para Halu (Psylife Music, Hungary)
    Enichkin Project (Avatar, Russia)
    Imaginary Sight (Glowing Flame, Macedonia)
    Ianuaria (Glowing flame, Austria)
    Malice in Wonderland (2to6, Austria)
    Braindrop (Omveda, India)
    Vaeya (Occulta, India)
    White Wizard (Lycantrop, India)
    Silence Projekt (India)
    Ghreg on Earth (Akashik Rcds, USA)
    Boombaba (Urban Distortion, India)
    Psycobaba (India)
    Daksinamurti (Peak, Germany)
    Vectro Electro (Israel)
    Dj Mash (Omveda, India)
    Cosmic Tandav (Omveda, Dubai)
    Wicked Sound System (Agartha, India)
    S.O.N.R (Occulta, India)
    Beat-Chop (2to6 ,Iran)
    Vibe (Nepal)
    Kranti (Nepal)
    Djane Payal (Nepal)
    Jafar (Qatar)
    Cannibal Crow (Psycrowdelica)
    DJ Ganesh (France)

    Chill/Alternative Stage

    Reggae Rajahs (Delhi, India)
    Electrypnose (Suntrip Rec, Swiss)
    Enichkin (Acidsamovar Rec, Russia)
    Yidam (Liquid Frequency, India)
    Liminal Roots (India)
    Binaural Kollectiv (Dub-techno/minimal, Dubai)
    Rainbow efreet (France)
    East stepper Live (India)
    Daktadub (india/hungary)
    Dub Skank'in Hifi (Singapore)
    Pindrop (India)
    Sleepwalker (Namaha Records, India)
    Dj Ital (Nepal)


    There are 6 events that takes place in this dreamtime during the First
    the Second Day of the festival. EarthBeat is the theme of such works
    curated and performed by the Nepali artist Salil Kanika. He is invited
    to Shanti Jatra to bring this spectrum and diversity of 'organic'
    subjects and live actions in which everyone becomes a participant,
    contribute and take back with them a rich experience of colour, music,
    organic elements and a lifeforce to communicate positive ideas and
    community spirit to where they started their journey from.



    Qatar Airways (Doha, Qatar)
    Air Arabia (Dubai,Sharjah, UAE)
    Thai Airways (Thailand) – (this fly direct to Nepal)

    From India
    Air India, Jet Airways, Indian airlines.
    Bookings : ,


    The border crossing at Sunauli is the most common route by land to Nepal.

    You could reach Sunauli by taking an overnight bus from Delhi, or via train to Gorakhpur and a bus from there to Sunauli.

    From Sunauli there are overnight buses regularly to Kathmandu.

    Delhi – Gorakhpur – Sunauli – Kathmandu

    If you are travelling from Kolkata, you can take a train to Siliguri, and from there a bus to the border Panitaki or New Jalpaiguri, from where there will be buses to Kathmandu.

    The other and shorter route is to take a train from Howrah in Kolkata to Raxaul and from Raxaul > Birganj > Kathmandu by bus.

    For prices on buses, trains and others, please log in to:


    Indian nationals do not need a visa to enter Nepal.
    All other foreign nationals do require a visa. However, the visa is obtainable on arrival at Thribuvan International Airport.

    Accomodation and F&B

    The festival ticket entitles you with camping space. We advise you to carry your own tents.
    There will also be adequate toilet and shower zones.

    Organic food will be the key at Shanti JAtra. Various stalls along with different cuisines suitable for everyone shall be present at the event.

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