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    woa, didn't know about this thread, thanks for posting all this useful stuff everyone.

    lol i just realized that it is stickied, can't believe i missed this

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      I have a question maybe someone here can point me in the right direction… I finally got a modern computer and looking into virtual instruments but I have no idea about this stuff. What I'm looking for, and this is really prevalent in psy, are those ambient sounds and motion pads and other “icing on the cake” type effects. Like filler FXs, sweeps and swooshes and weird ambient sounds. Any soft synths you know of that are good for that kind of thing?  🙁

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      DiscoDSP Discovery

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        ZEBRA FUCKING 2.5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Also, Gladiator is neat too.

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        aalto is my new favorite. I'm not very good at just going in and programming those kinds of “fx”.. but I notice that anytime I just map out like 15+ controls in any virtual synth to a midi controller and just tweak.. I end up with plenty of “psy” “fx”..  getting them to sit in a mix is another story  :-[

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        I personally haven't figured out the particulars of the psyfx yet, but my 2 cents.

        Lives Operator + a half dozen built in effects toggling in and changing make for some interesting play.

        I have also been digging this vst called Motion 2.8 lately. It's nothing really special, but has a bunch of arpeggiator and gating features handily accessible. Takes simple and makes it interesting.

        Other than that for big leads and some pad work I like Vangard, or when it isn't being all fussy like my ex the Virus C never fails to crank out some sharp leads.

        A lot of it will come down to the style your trying to make as well. I  have made a lot of cool sounds with simple things like Sid chip emulators, and basic samplers. Running weird gates on one shot vocals.

        The only real limit I have found is my imagination.

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          Using live's drumrack, but this trick will probably work in most any sampler.

          When my kicks get that annoying click to them what I do is shorten up the sample length rather than mess with the envelope. I use sampled drums rather than synthesized, but you can probably work it out with some messing around that way too.

          My method though is to bring the end of the sample back to a point just a bit before where it normally loops back to make the next hit, and set it at a point where the wave is intersecting the x-axis. For me this removes the click, because it isn't jumping from an out of sync point of the wave, and has the bonus of opening up some headroom for the bass line. The second part to me is just as important because it means that I don't have to fuss around with the envelope on the bass line so much to get a clean sound.

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            These are amazing

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            These are amazing

            Ok I am done sharing secrets…..YOU WILL TAKE MY WEAPONS AND USE THEM AGAINST ME!!!!

            Don't use them, they suck….

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            Pkew!  PKew!!

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              use something like the waves vocal rider in lieu of compression on filter modulating synth lines. Keeps the levels right and preserves dynamic.

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                most of this stuff will probably be overview for the people here but this is a nice, succinct guide to production worth checking out


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                why do you like the uhbik plugs so much?

                this is a good watch:


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