Mexico decriminalizes pot, LSD, mushrooms, etc. etc.!!!

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    If this article seems too good to be true, then consider that they passed the legislation without telling the U.S. what they were doing. That seems to be the way to go. Can Canada be far behind?

    It's cool that we now have to go much less distance to use psychedelics legally. Amsterdam was not a bad airfare, but it was still a bit far to go casually.

    I keep pinching myself, but it seems this has really happened. Wow. I am awake. I am really awake, and this is really happening.

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    wow!  great way to boost tourisim.  funny they didn't tell the US about it  hehe

    They've lost a lot of their law enforcement to corruption and bribes trying to fight the US' drug war anyway.  Decrim is probably much more of a budgetary and economic issue for them vs. a criminal matter for possesion of small amounts. 

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      Egads, what a contraversial topic!  ;D

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      Oh man, I know where I am going for my next vacation, much cheaper than Amsterdam!

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      Now every time one of you chillumafia types want to tell one of yer goshdarn crazy stories, all you have to do is append the phrase “in Mexico” and you will be fine.

      pass me the chillum … BAD
      pass me the chillum . . . in Mexico GOOD!


      Egads, what a contraversial topic!  ;D

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        Happy belated (because it was censored) 4:20 everybody! …in Mexico  ;D

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        I once strangled a hobo with my bare hands . . . in Mexico.

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        pass me the chillum … BAD

        How bad?  ;D ;D ;D ;D

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        Mexico bows to her master, Fox refuses to sign the bill:

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        Not surprising at all ….

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        I guess I'll cancel my Spanish class now!  🙁

        Don't give up hope though, just keep on being who you are being.  ;D

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          From the article posted above:

          “And authorities tourist towns feared the reforms would attract a flood of hard-partying U.S. thrill seekers.”

          🙂 Maybe they read this forum.

          Not a surprise to me, I'm entirely certain that this reversal is due to US pressure.  Too bad that they couldn't have legally hidden the bill from the press until after  Vinnie signed it into law.

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