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      After months of hibernation during the fall and winter
      Months, spring is here, Ketuh Records is back!

      Introducing our new online store <<>> for
      The very first time the Ketuh Catalog is now available for
      purchase online in mp3 and WAV Format. Out of print and
      rare releases such as VA-Gandalf, featuring tracks from the
      likes of Parasense, Neuromotor, and Silicon Sound and
      VA-Radical Simplicity featuring music from Penta,
      Fractal Glider, Polaris and others are now available
      to you!

      Enjoy the future by reliving the past!

      Support the artists instantly without the hassle of
      shipping costs. All releases are always in stock,
      available to you, the listeners, dancers, djs, and
      artists in 320kbps mp3 files from MusicDock or in a
      FLAC(free lossless audio codec)/WAV format from
      Psysounds. All files are uploaded by the label
      directly, so you can be sure that they are of only the
      highest original quality audio. In this ever
      increasingly digitalized world, online independent
      label stores are embracing the spirit of the
      underground and the ever evolving psychedelic trance
      culture. 80% of Net profits from 'Ketuh Past” will go
      directly to the artists, and the remaining 20% towards
      the maintenance and upkeep of the online shop.

      Venture off-the-beaten-track and pay a visit to -> (only track listings)

      A multi-dimensional, ever-evolving kaleidoscope of
      Morning and nighttime sounds prepared and ready for
      Infusion into the mind and onto the dance floor.
      Enjoy as we do!

      ***Look for an upcoming exclusive mp3/wav compilation
      from Ketuh Records available for download only on the
      Ketuh Fresh Online Store .

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