HARMONIZER: Presented by Esoteric Gen (May 20th, 2006 Fayetteville, AR)

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    The chilly days have finally faded into prime, lush Spring once again. And once again, we sound the drums of communion and invite the tribes to reuinite and harmonize through the ancient ritual of dance. Dust off your tents and break out your stomping shoes as Esoteric Gen fires up the soundsystems and saturates the Ozarks with our signature blend of mind-bending psychedelia and intelligent electronica!

    Primary Psychedelic Stage:

    BODHISATTVA 13:20 (Truffle Recs, Geomagnetic.TV)
    Deep Fryer (Esoteric Gen)
    Fatty Acid (Esoteric Gen)
    Freedom (Esoteric Gen)
    Goaneck (Esoteric Gen)
    Illectron (Esoteric Gen)
    Shagee (Esoteric Gen)
    Somebodhi (Esoteric Gen)
    Wakontanka (Orijjinn, Esoteric Gen)

    EDM Area

    DJ SPIFF – One of Arkansas' first and finest, it is an honor to have him on the decks.
    Daniel Rockwell – A man of many talents, hailing from OKC representing Flytrap and BCR!
    TRUSS – One of the region's most talented DNB producers with a special set to promote his new album “Skeleton Key”.
    Lucio Baldomero & DJ Rasmey – Teaming up for a HipHop set, these two are not to be missed!
    DJ Doohickey – Another Fayetteville favorite with a special set to kick off the Hog Ridge season.
    EQ – One of the first and best Atmospheric/Soulful DNB DJ's in the region, EQ will play a mixture of unreleased/forthcoming and newly released tracks.
    Redshift VS. Bizar – Make sure to get there early b/c WE WILL DESTROY YOU!!


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    Lineup looks fine up! Announcing Bodhisattva 13:20!! Keep your heads screwed on and watch this space for more information!

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    Bodhisattva rocks my socks off!

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