COSMIC PULSE, Milwaukee WI @ Club Anything, Fri Feb 3rd

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    Allo everybody! Les, Machi, Scott and I have an event set up for Fri Feb 3rd. I'm copying this information over from our FB post.

    On Feburary 3rd Machi, ProPsyLes, and thegimp! are proud to present a night of psychedelic trance music at Club Anything in Milwaukee.

    A trifecta of Master and Student create a night of carefully constructed psytrance ranging from minimal progressive to progressive to full-on in an intelligent presentation.


    Kaiser Soze first discovered the midwest electronic music scene in 1996 & was immediately attracted to the more acidic styles of Techno & Trance. Fascinated by electronic music & the manipulation of audio, he is an avid fan of Psytrance & IDM & is always seeking unique rhythms & sounds. By expanding his music collection, perfecting his track selection & mixing skills, Kaiser has become one of the leading Psytrance DJ's in the Midwest. Now a driving force behind the Chilluminati & T.O.U.C.H Samadhi collectives, it's his goal to spread the sound & vibe that he has so deeply been inspired by.


    Machi's style is a constant evolution of beats, melodies and rhythms oscillating between groovy progressive sounds, driving atmospheres of night time trance and uplifiting melodies of morning full-on. His arsenal includes insane programming skills, track selection and perfectly executed mixes. Now, after years of playing at countless trance parties throughout the United States Machi has been focusing on bringing to his hometown the true underground sound of trance.


    From his earliest days ProPsyles has been a true fanatic of electronic music. After taking a long journey through countless genres he finally discovered the psychedelic side of electronic music, shown to him by Dj Machi. Since then his true adventure began. ProPsyLes delivers a mix of melodic progressive & full on and always seems to bring the right track for the right moment of the night making dance floors go crazy.
    He has played at numerous parties thrown by the Chilluminati crew like Crystal sky 09, Sacred Earth 2010, Earth Dance 2010 as well as many local Milwaukee events from the project Xaktbeatz, the collaboration of Machi & ProPsyLes.

    THE GIMP! (?)

    After spending four years in the heavily trance influenced rave scene in Honolulu, he came back to Wisconsin in 2009, resurrected his video game moniker and started DJing. After attending Chilluminati events Earthdance 2010, Sacred Earth 2011, Karmaclysm 2011, watching ProPsyLes play an eight hour set over summer 2011, and realizing how universally deep the psychedelic community reaches he made it a goal to play psychedelic in 2012.

    thegimp! will delight your ears with humor and funk. He plays minimal dark progressive, tech, and is learning to dabble in forest music.
    Drop It Kr3w

    Machi and ProPsyLes will be giving away free mix CDs from NYE 2012 at Catalyzed in Chicago.

    21+, 5$ cover, music at 9.


    Visuals by Patrick Murphy aka Nightcloud.
    Flyer design by Emilie Garnier of University of Art, Málaga, Spain.


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      It's on like donkey kong!

      if this takes off nicely will be doing the monthly at that place, probably with the second, downtempo stage….come and support if you want to spread the sound and  finally start hearing psytrance in city clubs

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        nice, tacos to you!

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          Cosmic pulse 1 let's see if we get to 100  ;D

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