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      Where the pictures at?

      How'd the event go?

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      There are some pics buried in ubersonic and on the promoter page ( ?).

      I had a great time. Wonderful beginning down there. Lots of fun people. Great venue too! Alberto's set was amazing, as well as everyone's elses.

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      Alberto's set was amazing

      I'm hearing this from other people who went as well, can't wait to hear him  ;D

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        The number of speakers and lights give me the feeling that the sound and the ambience were amazing..
        waiting for proper reviews from people!!

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        I've been waiting on a proper review for 5 days now!!! 


        There are a few good ones in this thread:

        The setup was perfect for a party that size…

        We will be posting more pics as they trickle in.  They'll be added to the page that SOT linked to above.

        Looking forward to the next one!!

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          Tyler, can you quote what was said. forum requires login… thanks.

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            sound was huuuge… Most of the night it was really good, but during Alberto's set, the sound guy took off and the volume got to be too much. I hate it when (on too loud sound systems) the 16th note basslines play hell with my heart rhythm. Luckily the sound guy came back after a few hours and things were more easy to take…

            It was an off the hook party like in the old daze! Pretty much full on all night long.

            The lights were awesome, sometimes too much. Reminded me of a rock show sometimes. But when the light guy mellowed out and did more minimal effects, it was much nicer.

            Troy and Julee did a great job with visuals. I love it when they project the dj or crowd mixed with other stuff. It was cool having them sit up with the djs too!

            The partygoers were all pretty cool. It was good to see some folks I hadn't seen since Karmaclysm!  Just enough people, not too many. Could have used more girls though  🙂
            No tragedies that I noticed.  I can't believe a cop came in and didn't shut the party down. Yay!

            The Trance Syndicate guys pulled off some great stuff. I'd not heard them before, but was pleased to hear the psytrance sound has successfully infiltrated Bloomtown. Be happy to hear them again soon. When's the next party guys?

            Toki's set was cool as always. His first time djing with a laptop I think.

            Ben's set was fast and super aggressive. Personally, I get bored if music is too dark for too long, but his mixing was really tight and clean.

            Don't know about the dude playing with electribes… He had some cool tunes. A good switch from Ben. Started with some great ambient and then moved into experimental stuff.

            Alberto's set was great! But, I liked the first half more than the second. Maybe it was because his tracks got more darker, less melodic as he went along, or the the missing sound guy (see above), i don't know. But, he's definitely a master of the genre 🙂

            SOT and Kaiser Soze's set was the usual off the hook darkness. Those guys are forming a cool telepathic synergy when the work together, much like a band. Can't wait to hear what they do for a live pa set!

            The Trance Syndicate guys stepped up again to close out the morning. More dark full on stuff. Where's the morningside/goa sound guys?

            I had a blast, though. Definitely a proper psy event.
            Next time would prefer a chill out room or at least a lineup that isn't just full on….  😛

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              Dark stuff in the *morning?*  Oooohhh…poor choice.

              Yeah, when 6 AM rolls around it's time to sheathe the claws. 

              Still…glad everything went well.

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                The stuff professor x was playing wasn't very dark.. and quite good in the morn. Igor and I went pretty dark till six though.. but not high energy dark.

                At an indoor venue where the sun doesn't come in it is suppose to be dark right? 🙂

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                Den-E from St. Louis:

                6 thumbs up…

                excelent party… great music, great everyting… great time.

                Taj_116 from St. Louis:

                Truely different experience than any other party i've ever attended. The vibe that party was going for was achieved and exceeded. Intense, pulsating GOA for your face! And the sound…. WOW that shit sounded good. And not to forget the almighty strobe light from hell. Ninja's fighting each other on the dance floor with light sabers. We were dancing tribal natives.

                From Red_Firebird:

                Pros – the music was excellent, lights and decorations were very nice, venue is a little small but not bad for that size of crowd. Hooka's were nice and the staff seemed to have their heads on straight. The organization of the presale lists was top notch, no problems at all, that was impressive along with seeing 5 laptops set up running everything and the awesome visuals/projector screen. There were Light Sabers!! There were GLOWSTICKS! There were kids actually having fun!

                Cons – Podunk town, with a thriving police force judging by the cops that continuously drove around all night although they were just doing their job and looking for fucked up people trying to drive home.. And it's very…. dry. If anyone plans on going to one of these events.. pack a lunch or ANYTHING ELSE you might want to have while your there. Lesson defiantly learned.

                That's all i've been able to find so far.  😀

                All in all, not bad for our first full-scale show — the lighting did get to be a bit too much at times, but Justin had never done an all psy event before, and now he better knows what people want.  We'll probably use him again next time.

                Glad that some of you liked Stephen Ganser… He is a good friend of mine, and has been doing a lot of experimental stuff lately.  He isn't so much into the psy scene, but he had a great time as well.  He is interested in working with more ambient/psydm type stuff, so hopefully we'll have some sounds from him soon.

                I wish i could have played longer than i did [what, like 7 tracks?!?] every time i got on the decks, i saw about eleventy things that needed my attention and i just couldnt concentrate.  The Professor and Agent Hurt did a kick ass job though.  Glad we recorded their sets.

                The cops said that they got a noise complaint from someone across the street — funny thing was they pointed to 2 houses that “complained” and what they didnt know was that the people that lived in those houses were at the party.  I think that they just wanted to know what was going on.  I told them we would turn it down, and if they have any other problems to come and talk to me.  They were only in the building for about 60 seconds, and they never came back.

                Most of the people i tlaked to about it didnt even know they were there, so that's awesome!

                That's all i know for now!

                Happy 420!

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                T'was that long awaited dose of psychedelia that I needed! Thank you.  🙂

                The organisers made everything so easy with the free water, fully functional and clean loos and smokes and gum for sale! That was def. a first for me. I'm spoilt now! 

                Toki's set stood out as always. I heard the latter half. Can I call it Tech-Psy ? Hmmmm…

                Ben's set was awesome but I dont think many people were feeling that dark vibe. Flawless mixing though.

                Alberto's set was the highlight of the night. He also had the best slot and squeezed everything he could out of it. Lots of energy in the guy. He was dancing during his set and doiminated the floor even afterwards. Great to see a DJ who wont walk off after theyre done. It motivated me to stay on the floor too! He played his signature track at the end as well 😛 (That X-noise remix of the Delta track … love it! 😀 )

                Heard of lot of new stuff played by SOT and Kaiser. Great mixing. Dark bombs all the way.

                I had to leave just as their set was ending because of some issues with the car. I'd actually come there with a couple of newbies, it got a bit too much for it by the time the sun rose.

                Was a great party but I'd like to point a few things out that would make this a better experience next time around :

                1. The timeslots were a bit off. Ben played dark. Alberto played full-on twilight/morning. And then the duo played dark again. It just didnt work for me. And if you noticed the crowd kind of fizzled out after Albertos set. You really shouldnt give the crowd the chance to leave the floor. I just saw so many points where things just dipped for a good 5-10 mins. Even if its indoors, it works out much better if you match the timeslots with the style of the DJ.

                2. The decor.  The strobe was cool when it matched with the music but those colored ones made it look too much like a rock concert. But where were the fluoro backdrops ? Apart from Psymbolics visuals there wasnt much to stare at. Even if you dont have UV reactive paitings, all you need is some wool and a UV cannon. You can put together some pretty cool string art on a budget. Will def. give you guys a call and help out with the deco next time around.

                I didnt see the cop so kudos to you guys for keeping that under wraps! 🙂

                All in all, it was a wonderful party especially if it was your first full-scale one. I'm sure you guys have learnt a lot and I'll def be back to help next time. I'll also make sure I sleep well the previous night so I can monkeydance all through.

                Oh yeah, this was one party where I actually got the chance talk to a LOT of uber cool people. Was good to see you again Rob, sorry I left so abruptly. Had to deal with some messed up stuff and I was outofit at the end. Waiting to meet you all again at Sacred Earth!


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                thanks for all your helpful suggestions — now i know who you are!  We spoke briefly before you had to leave.  It was great meeting you.

                We'll be in touch when plotting the next one.  🙂

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