BRETHREN — Legend of Cane [Nexus Media 2006] review

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    Legend of Cane
    [Nexus Media 2006]

    “Brethren are Brothers in DanceFloor Destruction. This album is

    the electrifying collaboration between siblings Phyx and

    Tickets. The Summs boys deliver a dynamite package of serious

    power and a delicate musical touch; and combined with the

    mastering of the Artifakt™ it’s an awesome listening and

    dancefloor experience. This is the 3rd installment in the NeXuS

    MeDiA Twilight Series, following on from the Source V/A and the

    recent Pitch Hikers Album.

    Evolve your listening with Brethren and The Legend of Cane”

    after 4 strong releases on compilations: firewall, mass

    distraction, midnight storm, and wildspirits strongmedicine

    (which represent the some of the main forces in south african

    psytrance) these two brothers create an undeniably powerful and

    unique sound! Something about the title makes me think this may

    have been a reggae album in a previous life… but definitely

    not anymore, check it out!

    1. the infidel
    2. neo cells
    3. mayhem
    4. wolf part II
    5. peking duck
    6. cold fusion rmx
    7. russian roulette
    8. odyssey
    9. shaka
    10. ascendancy

    1. a nice rolly hardprog tune unravels as it goes, bouncy as all

    get. phyx leads the drive here as things become a step more

    rolly and ravin'! single stabby notes punctuate a grooving

    underbelly and several layers make for a full sounding

    choonbeast. theres a playful edge to it, the last blast has all

    the eq lights working fully, the lead arpeggio done up right

    with a touch of sizzle, and building to a fine crescendo.

    2. “oh my god whats the matter, who are you!?”, “1,507

    systems…” samples seem a bit hasty, but overlooking those

    first minute quirks, the tune does nicely to work itself into a

    bit of a frenzy tho staying firmly in the same category as the

    last. perhaps a bit more groove in the lead early on, developing

    further into a shred of acid twistedness. nice. but, then the

    sample comes back to stop the building dance. they quickly kick

    back off hardstyle tho throwing a heavylead over the top of the

    project. “this computer virus” visits for a second, and the

    “systems” come back a couple more times. the acidswingin tune is

    just enough to keep me interested despite the samples that seem

    unrelated and distracting.

    3. “the first 5 minutes nobodys gonna have a clue whats going

    on” — “try to stay relaxed…” a deeper approach on this one

    from the start. “dont do any thing to draw attention to

    yourself…” slightly metallic edge, crisp percussion, and then

    it just drops us tingling into a great lead, all at once sizzly

    and uplifting. a tasty combination of sound, just the right

    amount of distortion… round halfway point it shifts a bit,

    getting deeper and more dancy in my ears. adding some high

    accent notes make for a brief epic feel, very nice.

    4. this one comes off from the jump as a bit more of a morning

    track, hints of bouncing funk and horny stabs, winding up a grip

    so tight. driving pounding zipping accents and a few yahoos in

    there also. as things get more sizzly, the rotating floor starts

    getting slippery also, your feet sliding on warm and warbling

    texture. everything turns into a bigroom reverb before the lead

    comes to restructure and the whole upward envelopment thing

    happens, where all of a sudden youre back in the thick of it.

    only now its got a shred more aggression. one more trick and we

    get another bit on which to chew before it deepens to fade.

    theres one arpeggio thats perhaps a bit repetitive, but fully

    actualized nonetheless.

    5. “sending you to kansas, wichitaw…you are the next courier”

    the theme is set as a little sad tune shows you the feeling of

    the tale that is about to be told. as we go deeper, bring your

    snorkel. the almost menacing climbing filtersweeps bring us down

    into a groove, with a few well tuned stabs playing thier part to

    set the pace. your robotic octo-duck tourguide shows you the

    depts of “the vault”. its octo-beak chirping away. i can see it

    now…. the little sad song comes back and the throb begins

    again. back to driving the submarine, phosphorescent jellyfish

    twirl you in thier long tentacles, and silvery fish jet past,

    racing the waves in an epic journey that aims you straight into

    the setting sun. you can still hear the ol' octa-duck in the


    6. again a deep pump starts us off, nicely in the thick of it.

    “youre oll going to die down here” a girl says, catches me

    offguard every time. very recognizeable sounding themes from

    these artists resonate thier style powerfully. it spaces out to

    a slowdown build, with streaky fx showing you how fast youre

    about to go… the elevator goes up and up, youre looking out

    the windows wondering wtf? and off you go!! wait, no, it catches

    a couple times before it stops completely, perhaps a bit too

    dramatic? gotta build it back from just a couple notes again…

    when it does come back after a full minute plus, its got a great

    lifting power, and you start to lift off again, thru the clouds,

    triumphant and proud. and dancing into the day.

    7. have you ever tried wobble crispy? yeah, thats what im talkin

    about…its the new style. plenty of nutrition to keep you

    going. vitamins and all that, spirulina even. your mitochondria

    get funky. but wait, its down on the sly… “whats this chicken

    scratch? its cuneiform, its about 4000 years old… “blah blah

    “survive?” after that, its still undercover, but yeah, we got

    the goods. “its cuneiform, its about 4000 years old, old old..”

    well i guess they had it figured out. just the right amount of

    digital edge, metallic circuitry forming organized forms

    independently, youre driving thru tunnels that are being built

    before you, and youre told, again, “its about 4000 years old,

    old old..” this tune allllmost had me! but something about that

    sample made me skip this one every time while waiting at


    8. now this is the one i kept going back to while listening to

    this cd in my car for a week… the deep night, driving, lights

    going past… spiralling outward from a centerpoint, and adding

    warmth that moves the arms– extensions of the heart, vibrating,

    emotion flows but comfortably, that feeling that the music is

    supporting you on your journey. a bit of tasteful grindy crunch

    in there after the first movement, the machine calls to us. then

    the Music comes back, that Muuuusic. sweet and deep keyshift

    rolling bassline that just throbs, the kind you want to hear

    from over the field as you approach the dancefloor. when you get

    there, the melody starts to blow wind up your shorts, and

    everything falls into place, smiles flow, and your fingers and

    toes flicking pumping multicolored waves of joy out. the over

    the top winner on this disc, there's just something about it.

    9. i feel like im running out of ways to say: stabby uplift

    rolly jammer… having a hard time with this one, its a bit more

    ravey than my fingers know what to type. there's just something

    about it… strangely familiar,and while functional, theres

    perhaps better. maybe someone else will lose marbles to this,

    but i yearn more for whatever that something was about the epic

    bounce of the last tune. but i gotta say, brother, see for


    10. slowing it down a notch, and “regret never, temptation

    always, this is the essence of consciousness…” add 2 pinches

    of glitch, and then go deeper. clappin it, and grooving with a

    subdued microacid swing. spacing out for another buildup, this

    one with a bit more openness on the top, sounds finding thier

    niche, and spacing out again. “the choice between good and evil

    which is the essence of temptation…” the final arpeggirun

    phasing your stereo as the groove builds underneath. with a bit

    of tasty grindistortion to finish us off.

    After hearing this what must have been 10 times so far, parts of

    it grab me and spin my brain, other parts sound like they were

    trying hard to act more like the juice. theres moments of

    brilliance in every track and a few just rule it completely. the

    brothers have definitely found an enjoyable middleground to

    create jams, perhaps with a result that they didnt take too many

    risks stylistically. a solid first release, maybe further

    exploration will show a shred more diversity?

    favorites: 3, 5, 8!, 10

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