Basilisk’s Mystic Revelation (a dark/melodic full-on mix)

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    Nameless One


      01 :: Ninja – Showtime [Oxygen]
      02 :: Mr. Peculiar – Alien Mushrooms [Spirit Zone]
      03 :: Lemurians – Phrygian [Shiva Space Technology]
      04 :: Orion – Rolling Stone [Solstice]
      05 :: Dark Soho – Away [Alchemy]
      06 :: Psysex & Infected Mushroom – Dirty 80s (Wrecked Machines Remix) [Hom-Mega]
      07 :: Logic Bomb – Marauder 2 [TIP World]
      08 :: Sesto Sento – Primi TB [Compact]
      09 :: Menog – Emotions [Spectral]
      10 :: Infected Mushroom – Facing [Vision Quest]
      11 :: Meller – Valhalla [Tribal Vision]
      12 :: Wizzy Noise – Majestic Wisdom [Spun]
      13 :: The Higher Human Form – I Hear Them Call [Z.M.A.]

      Composed as an experiment in harmonic mixing, the style is a curious blend of contrasts, exploring dark and light, soft and driven, all while remaining highly melodic.

      Ninja’s Showtime kicks it off, involving the listener in a deep fusion of full-on energy and balanced atmospheric sounds. The gothic character of the mix becomes apparent by the time Dark Soho’s track slides in. The keystone is Logic Bomb’s Marauder 2, the strongest example of the yin and yang contrasts evident throughout the tale. Soon the mix takes a deeper turn, diving into the holy choirs of Infected Mushroom’s Facing and mysterious atmospheres of Meller’s Valhalla. The story concludes with The Higher Human Form’s I Hear Them Call, an ethereal comedown which aptly summarizes the sacred themes of the mix.

      Size: 130 megs
      Length: 71 minutes
      Format: 256k MP3
      Recorded: November 15th, 2005

      Download the .torrent here:

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