All You Can Stomp Buffet! June 17th, Cedar Rapids, IA

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    All You Can Stomp Buffet! (ELECTRYPNOSE CONFIRMED!) June 17th, Cedar Rapids, IA

    I had me a stomping good time with those Psyowans last night.  That group has got enough energy to power a medium sized city!  Got me a big belly full of psy.  I think I gained like 10 pounds.  Luckily I lost 20lbs from dancing.  I danced vigoursly to Kaisers set and shook violenty to SOT.  I was pooped by the time for Electrypnose but still got some good steps in.  Lot's of good tunes to hear throughout.  Made me wish I was born with three ears!

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      No more testimonials?

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        quote: Abe


        …… i have NEVER felt that much energy in one building before… not at ANY previous party. i have never been able to repeatedly connect with the music in such a powerful way. i have never witnessed a performance even NEAR the calibur of Electrypnose, which stands for all artists of all musical genres. this guy was ruthless, slamming us with powerful tracks that did not seem to stop coming. The look on peoples faces said it all… those who know psytrance looked completely overwhelmed with energy, excitement, disbelief, etc. Those who dont know much about psytrance had the SAME FACIAL EXPRESSION. noone escaped the wrath 🙂 on top of the headliners performance… Kaiser Soze and SOT laid one of the best sets ive ever heard, and Freedom and Shagee definitely knew how to work the crowd after the headliner, and Aktif and Collision continued the hurt into the late morning hours with some powerful, but appropritate morning, power psy. this night was amazing.

        i spoke with multiple noobies / first timers that were in complete amazement of the power of Electrypnose.the more we do this, the more people contribute to the cause, and the better the party gets. more people, more energy, more decorations, more amazing times. that new MINDOUTPSYDE banner is sick! for all that came out THANK YOU… for those who contributed to this event, THANK YOU.. I did not think it could get much better than POTD, but Saturday simply blew me away to an extent i did not think possible. this is how parties should be, and although many of our local iowa friends did not come out to witness the insanity… i have a feeling that they will have many more opportunities. 🙂 thank you MINDOUTPSYDE

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          some pictures

          thanks Gor!  Forgot about the dude in the gorilla suit chasing the guy in the banana suit.  that was great!  ;D

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            Daniel, the not-so-nice-gnome!  ;D 

            kidding!  he's a great guy!

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