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      Well, it has come to my attention *laughs* that is lacking Album Review Forums.  It'd be nice to separate it from the general Music thread and have a key set of rules that must be followed.  I would enjoy flooding such a forum with reviews for the Midwest crowd.  I refuse to do it on these overseas psyforums but have no problems wanting to contribute in some way to recommending music for folks in the MW!

      So, what'd ya say, Fixer? 

      Example of rule set:

      Subject line: [yearofrelease] artistorvarious – titleofalbum – label
      Example: [1995] Juno Reactor – Beyond the Infinite – Blue Room Released

      Then there could be a review format.  Something to keep it looking neat and along the same lines and then following the initial reviewers post there could be the common forum comments from random users either agreeing or denying that an album is good bad, whatever.  I know there are a lot of review sites but it'd be awesome to see what the Midwest particularly agrees upon.  Region specific reviews!  That's what we're missing 🙂


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      How about just start doing reviews, and if the volume really starts to take over Music, I will create another board.

      I just want to go slow on new boards for now…

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      I just wanted to write a thousand reviews!  It's okay!  I'll just do it on my personal site and perhaps post a link and down the line people can throw food at me for my crappy reviewing work! 🙂  *laughs*

      I don't want to bombard the Music forum with review after review.  I suppose there could be a single thread with many reviews in it, people can always use their search button in their browser. 🙂


      Post it here in music section – I don't thinkit's a bad idea at all.

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      Bombard away. If we get complaints we can always create a new board as suggested and move your reviews over.

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