Sacred Earth Open-Air 2017

Sacred Earth Media Advisory May 15, 2017

Sacred Earth Media Advisory May 15, 2017

We are saddened to announce that Logic Bomb will not be joining us at Sacred Earth this year. He has recently underwent a complex surgery and at the advice of his doctors, international travel is not recommended for him at this time. We wholeheartedly support this decision, as his health is what is most important.

While he has asked for privacy to focus on his health during this time, we wish him the best for a healthy recovery in Sweden. We have secured a raincheck for his performance and we hope to be able to host him in the near future.

In his place, we are bringing the one and only Christopher Lawrence (Pharmacy Music, LA)! Christopher Lawrence is one of the world’s leading DJs and producers specializing in underground trance. Winner of “Best American DJ” at the IDMA’s, Christopher Lawrence is recognized as one of the world’s top DJs and producers. A dance music legend, he has been described as “One of America’s most influential DJs” by DJ Mag and “A trailblazer” by SPIN. With twenty years behind the decks, Christopher is one of the most credible names in dance music whose outspoken support of the underground has earned him the respect of industry and fans alike. Always pushing boundaries, Christopher’s tough tech trance and psy-trance infused sets are a favorite on dance floors at the darkest downtown afterhours to the world’s biggest festivals.

In addition to this, we have extended the set times for Hux Flux, who will perform as Hux Flux, Logic Flux and Illuminus. Hux Flux, a true pioneer of the genre, was formed in 1998 when Dennis Tapper started making music after being influenced by the forest parties outside Örebo in Sweden. After a few releases on his own, including the hit “Time slices”, Dennis started to work with Jonas Petterson and they produced the album “Cryptic Crunch” together on the label Koyote Records. Later on Dennis moved to Stockholm where he started to work with his old friend Henric Fietz. Their work resulted in tracks as “Idiot” and “Bring your own BIOS”. Dennis also produced tracks as “Reflux” and “Equivalent Equations” on his own under the name Hux Flux and has also worked on the ambient project “Illuminus” together with Magnus Holte.

Last but not least, we are very pleased to announce that DJ Triton from Mexico will be joining us! Frank Triton is the Z-Plane Records Mexico agent-in-place, label DJ, head of promotion of Spanish speaking part of the world and booking manager for Hux Flux and Logic Bomb in Mexico. He has provided the official Sacred Earth 2017 promo mix, which is available now!

This is certain to be the very best Sacred Earth we have done to date. We are 12 years strong, this is one of our best music lineups ever, and we will work to include Logic Bomb on a future lineup as soon as it makes sense and we hope that everyone is as happy with the addition of Christopher Lawrence and DJ Triton as we are! This is truly an epic lineup and we absolutely can’t wait to see you all in June!

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