Sacred Earth Open-Air 2016

Sacred Earth 2016 Details! Please READ!

Can you believe it? Sacred Earth 2016 IS THIS WEEKEND! We have some important last minute details to share with you, so please take the time to read this post in its entirety. Most of your questions will be answered here.

Advance tickets are only available until tomorrow. If you have not purchased advance tickets, please do so right away, or you will have to pay at the gate. The cost at the gate is $130 per person.

Everyone should have received their tickets by now. If you did not receive your tickets, some people told us that they were sent to their spam or junk email folder. Please email us if you have not received your tickets.

Please print out your tickets or save them on your phone. THERE IS NO INTERNET ACCESS AT THE FRONT GATE / CHECK-IN. There is no internet around most of the venue. If you do not have your ticket available before you get to the venue, you will probably not be able to pull it up. Please have this available before you arrive. We can also look up any ticket purchase by name. If you cannot print your tickets, did not receive your tickets, lost your tickets, cannot pull up your tickets on your phone, just make sure you have an ID and we’ll get it sorted.

Volunteers are first come, first serve ONLY! If you were not invited to sign up for a volunteer shift in advance, you will have the opportunity to do so on FRIDAY. Spots are limited. If we run out of volunteer spots you will have to purchase a ticket at the gate price.

There will be multiple craft and retail good vendors on-site. We also have a dedicated food vendor as well as ice. Due to some changes since we started planning Sacred Earth and where we are at today, there will NOT be alcohol available for sale anywhere on the grounds. You are welcome to BYOB if you are 21+, but we will not have alcohol available for sale. Sorry about that! Do not bring any glass containers. Glass containers will be confiscated and are not tolerated. ABSOLUTELY NO UNDERAGE DRINKING.

You can leave Astral Valley to make a run to town and come back. We do ask that you come prepared to stay, but you may leave and come back at any time.

NO ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES OR ACTIVITY. We will not tolerate any illegal activity at Sacred Earth. This is our community and our reputation. Help us protect it.

Come prepared for sun! Bring plenty of sunblock, stay hydrated, stay in the shade if you’re too hot! There are multiple places for swimming and wading. Bring your swimsuit! It’s going to be a hot one, but bring warm clothes for night time in case you get chilly. As always, come prepared for rain. 

Roll Away The Dough is our food vendor for the weekend! They will have many breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options available for us all weekend including multiple vegetarian items. Bring some cash if you don’t want to pack your own eats!

All transactions at the venue will be in cash only. There is limited internet access throughout the grounds and we will not have any way to process credit or debit cards. This includes vendors and ticketing.

Regarding the venue map, please note where parking and camping is located. There will be printed maps available at the check-in. You may camp anywhere you wish except in the spaces clearly marked NO CAMPING. You may not camp in front of either stage or anywhere that is designated for special use. You may not drive your vehicle anywhere that is not marked in black as a road. The family camping and parking area is reserved for families only. General parking will be at the upper level. Use discretion when parking. Take care to not block anyone in or make it difficult for anyone to leave if they need to. We ask that if you have to leave the grounds for any reason that you try to do so during the day. ABSOLUTELY NO DRINKING AND DRIVING.

If you choose to camp at the upper parking/camping area, you may park where you camp. Anyone that has purchased lower parking may also park where they camp. Please reach out to us if you have any questions in advance about this.

mapFirewood will not be available for sale at the venue. As you approach the venue on Roughley Road, there is a firewood vendor about 1 mile from Astral Valley that will provide firewood if you need it. You will have to contact them on your own. Fires are only permitted in designated areas or rings.

If you need medical attention, please visit the medical tent near the front gate. We’ll have staff available all weekend.

Please remember that your safety is our priority and your participation is at our discretion. We reserve the right to deny entry or make anyone leave for any time for any reason (or no reason) without a refund. Be respectful to those around you, obey the posted rules, pick up after yourself. If you see something, say something. We want everyone to have a good time and will not allow anyone to jeopardize Sacred Earth. 

That being said, let us know if you have any other questions and we’ll see you all this weekend!

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