Sacred Earth Open-Air 2016

Sacred Earth 2016 Spotlight: Xenodimensional


Australia-based Xenodimensional is the artist behind our event imagery for the past four years. Having been nominated for several art awards, he is truly a master of his craft. He says,

I come from a family of artists and learnt from a young age how to capture reality and imagery from the imagination in a variety of art forms. Computer based art was at first simply another artistic avenue to explore, but I was drawn to the precision allowed by computers and also the compelling fractal imagery that emerged in the early 1990’s.

A large proportion of my earlier work was unconscious exploration of the medium and the techniques used to create various styles of digital art. I began to seriously pursue digital art as an artistic medium when I developed my own style by replicating images from my imagination on the computer screen.

I draw inspiration from nature, science, art, music, technology, geometry, patterns architecture and philosophy. Primitive and world art, renaissance art, early Australian art, surrealism and op-art are some of my primary ‘artistic’ influences.

The 2016 artwork is a masterpiece called Transubstantiation: Dimensions of Multiplicity. It’s a new conceptual artwork further exploring visionary realms in greater detail. Multi-dimensional fractal codes unravel breaching the walls of ordinary reality. Every form, every element, every law of physics contained in this dimension make up but a fraction of the higher dimensional spaces. One droplet of matter in these dimensions contains more than the sum of everything we can possibly know in our comparatively mundane plane.

Want to see it in full detail? Check it out here:


He also has a Soundcloud page for his music project:

You can check out more of his amazing artwork using these links:




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