Sacred Earth Open-Air 2016

Sacred Earth 2016: In The Spotlight


Hello friends!

This year at Sacred Earth, we have musical and visionary artists, builders, performers and workshop organizers coming together from all over the United States and the rest of the world. It’s probably our most diverse lineup to date and in the coming weeks leading up to the festival we’ll be highlighting some of the many facets we have working in tandem. We have artists coming from Israel, Canada, Mexico in addition to: Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Utah, California, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, New York, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Michigan, Illinois, Colorado, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa and of course Missouri, which is the home of our venue for 2016.

…WOW that’s a lot of places!

When you really think about it, that list is nowhere near exhaustive when ALL festival goers are included. People from all over the world come to Sacred Earth, and it’s all of you who takes everything we learn and share together and spread it well beyond the festival grounds. In this way, our tribe can be seen as expanding outwards-fractal vibrations of love, wonderment and gratitude-branching out and exponentially seeping into the daily lives of those around us.

…And that’s a beautiful thing.

Chilluminati was founded with a mission to bring psychedelic trance music and culture to the Midwestern United States, but truly we operate on a global scale and our reach is evident through cultural diversity. This is done without preference to any gender, orientation, religion or spirituality, nationality, heritage, marital status, education, economic situation, occupation, age or belief. We are part of a global culture, uniting inhabitants from all over the world in celebration of the intangible and that special something you just can’t describe. We are all one tribe: the human tribe. And as one tribe we dance, create, grow, share, listen, love and learn with one another… All to the pulse of the music we love.  While we celebrate together we are in a constant state of wonder, youth, vibrant curiosity, understanding, love for ourselves and those around us, and a peaceful solitude that carries on after the music ends.

The breaking point of the modern human condition isn’t a stark crash from progress and unity. It is the gradual unfolding of a new paradigm. We see importance in coming together to set an example that we are more than our beliefs or appearances. To us, these are the things that make life worth living. THIS IS IT. We are ALL doing this together-reveling in art and community, synchronizing our intentions, screaming at the top of our lungs that we are ready and willing with each other to plunge onward, upward, inward, and outward.

We’re honored to share this with all of you.

In love, wonderment and gratitude,
The Chilluminati

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