Getting Ready for Crystal Sky 2015

Hey everyone! We wanted to post some final updates as we get ready for Crystal Sky Open-Air this weekend.

Did you see that we’ve finalized the lineup for the chill stage? We added Blue Spectral Monkey and Aligning Minds to the lineup! Check it out on the Crystal Sky 2015 event page.

A lot of the Chilluminati crew has their hands full getting everything put together so keep that in mind when contacting us through Facebook, email, phone or instant message. You might not get a reply right away.

There are a few things we want to remind everyone of:

  • Crystal Sky is a 18+ only event. No minors. No exceptions.
  • State issued driver’s license, state issued ID card or a passport are the ONLY forms of ID that will be accepted. No student IDs, tickets or any other form of ID will be accepted. NO ID = NO ENTRY.
  • Camp sites must be a minimum of 10′ (ten feet) away from one another. This is per Wisconsin state statute and it is not our rule. Please do not make our job difficult. We are required to enforce it.
  • You must be 21+ to consume alcohol. That goes for BYOB or drinks from the NCN Bar.
  • Your wristband must remain visible at all times.
  • We reserve the right of admission refusal at any time for any reason or no reason

Drive safe, be sure to bundle up and we’ll see you all tomorrow!

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