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    . . .  is harmful for children and other living things

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    What is it good for?
    Absolutely Nothing.

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    We all know it's bad duh.

    I'm wondering how this conflict gonna end ….

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    prolly Israelis will blow up some shit and civilians, and Hezbollah will kill a bunch of civilians and soldiers.

    It's a shame when normally peaceful people resort to such measures.

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    please let's not get into one of these “who is worse… israel or arab” threads.


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      War is the price people pay for their irresponsibility and lack of foresight.  It's a hefty price tag, but some people give their lives in paying for the blissful ignorance war justifies in the minds of those who fight.  It goes to show how much people desperately want to be deceived.  They want less freedom, more dependency on authority figures, and all the chaos and destruction it can cause, just for some personal ignorance to feel good about as a reward.  There is no hope for such people.  They don't just pop out of nowhere; they build up gradually over time, gaining clout and momentum by tricking others into thinking that morality is relative, dependent on whatever interest group's standpoint one comes from, therefore making it artificial.  They are fanatical in justifying their actions as right and fanatical in belief to the one they follow as their leader, when in reality the reason for their fanaticism is because they must deny the possibility of their involvement in the situations that created the context on which they are now carrying out savage and brutal acts of cruelty, which were ordered by their leaders who they fanatically believe must be right unconditionally, infallibly.  They depend on the hope that you and I will not figure this out.  They cannot look back at what has happened to lead up to the present situation, because to do so would reveal their involvement, which they must never admit to or they run the risk of feeling… responsible.  Responsible for compounding the situation to the level of war, for killing innocent civilians, for destroying and devaluing the environment in which they live, and for putting their lives and others close to them in harm's way for nothing but some good old-fashioned ignorance.

      They have chosen their ways; and we must choose ours.  People of this forum, be careful and choose wisely…  Your choice will determine the future in what tomorrow brings from here on.  Some questions to consider:

      Is morality really as artificial/relative as the soldiers of war say it is?

      Do you believe that war can solve national or international dilemmas, that answering a problem is the problem and therefore we must erase it whenever it surfaces?

      What leads one to the conclusion that another life form must be terminated in order for all other life forms to continue to exist?

      If you quantized your involvement in the other people's lives, what would it amount to, and what would your involvement in social problems look like on a graph?

      Is it a person's responsibility to be aware of another's actions?


      OK, I'm done for now.  Let's see some serious discussion!  😀

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      Kobi is doing well (if anyone cares).

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        nuke em all and take the oil! 

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          nuke em all and take the oil! 

          yeah, that's the solution…NOT!  😛

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          Wean ourselves from the petroleum economy, which would deny the Mideast our money to buy their expensive weapons.

          Let the Chinese deal with it.

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          isnt the object of history to learn from the past.  i remember that the US shut down japan by denying them there oil to run there war machine……

          seem kinda odd that the US is in a similar situation now

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            Wean ourselves from the petroleum economy, which would deny the Mideast our money to buy their expensive weapons.

            you mean the weapons WE sell them. Don't forget that arms are our biggest export…

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