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    Ravens is in the process of going thru some major changes right now.  one of the things that is being done is the addition of flatscreen monitors for use of visualizations.  if any one can give sugestions or help out with information please contact us at these addresses[email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]

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    contact me @ [email protected] CRAZY IVAN ,live Visual Performances,club AUdio/Video decor, CHICAGO >> IL

    or PAKAPAKA they are from Milwaukee,WI

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    i would be great to see and of the vj's come up and do there thing.  there my even be a posibility to do so an a regular basis on the weekends.  we are looking for what we need to aquire to do the visuals on our own durring the week when we are not bringing in biger acts and out-of-towners. well we would be doing the same thing on the weekends too, but i see that i needed to be more specific on the request for information. 

    so….. another idea has come to mind……

    does anyone know how to write a program that would be reactive to music and have the ability to put custom text/logos into the mix.
    i also have been looking into another way to do it, but i would prefer to have something more real…. if that makes sence

    though if you are willing to make the drive up to appleton, Wi please contact: [email protected] and [email protected]

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    James I pretty sure Juliee and Troy can help You  ;D

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    A list of some stuff, I did a little research before so if you can be more specific on what you want I might know a little. I'm no professional or anything though….(see people above for that)

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    from what it sounds like you want the visual to auditory programs, they have a bunch listed on that link above. So just do some research that should definitely get you started.  8)

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    thanks for the link im checking out some of thme now.

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    sweet I hope you find what you're looking for

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