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    Peak Records strikes again, proudly presenting Utopeak on Triplag. Compiled by dj Gaspard, this v.a brings you tracks by artists from Switzerland, France, Norway, Germany and Portugal. Still promoting the ever-growing Swiss psychedelic trance scene as well as picking the 'cream' of the international scene, these tracks are sure to blast dancefloors all over the planet and beyond!


    Peak Records: http://www.peaking-goddess.com/
    Triplag radio: http://www.triplag.com


    1. Utopia :: PGC
    2. Tits on a Bwwwarhog :: YAB-YUM
    3. Osiris :: SHOTU VS SUDDHA
    4. 4 Peak :: HYPER FREQUENCIES
    5. Maschinen :: NAKED N3XU5
    6. Defasoul :: ELECTRYPNOSE
    7. Speed Freak Battle :: PHONIC REQUEST AND AKHOA
    8. Vampire Empire :: DRUMATIK
    9. Jackpot :: DIGITALIST
    10. Touched by the Glitch :: PHOBIUM
    11. Yabyumski :: YAB-YUM
    12. Life (Utopian rmx) :: MASTER MARGHERITA

    For intelligent night time – tune in to Utopeak on Triplag!

    Listen in WinAmp: winamp_triplag23.png
    Listen in Windows Media Player: winmedia_triplag23.png

    Listen, Enjoy, Support it!


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