Updated Feburary 10th, 2006 – MORE LPS ADDED, GO GET EM TIGER!

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      I've added SOME 12″'s to discogs.  Only in the interest of those who wanted to know what I had for a particular label for consideration in trading.  I want Darshan's Awakening on CD 🙁 SO I will trade you mounds of records for it if you have a nice clean minty fresh copy for me?! Anyone?


      Here's my rekkids currently listed as well as drugged out sex books, just without the sex. 😉


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        Yo Damon, Gus!  Here you go guys.  That's it for now.  If you're interested in color vinyl and shit, down the line…let me know.  I have astral projection dancing galaxy and ionised singles on colored vinyl as well as mahadeva and power gen from smart copenhagen records which was some of their first stuff released. 🙂  But NOT YET!  I must do the album clear out.  I'll contact you guys first as soon as I begin listing my 12″ singles.  I have more albums as you know, but I'm hesitating on listing them 🙂 only because I don't know yet if I should keep them or not.  :-/  I'll figure it out soon enough! 🙂


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          MORE LISTED YESTERDAY!@#!@#  GO GET EM! =]

          Rarest ones sold to damon already, well, almost rarests.

          He stole Prana – Geomantik and Juno Reactor – Bible of Dreams.  Just as rare as the Prana – Geomantik album is Total Eclipse – Violent Relaxation on Vinyl.  it's a 1:1 own/want ratio nearly on discogs i do believe.  I haven't looked in a few days, but it's close to that.  Go get it!  Well, if you're a collector, but I also do highly recommend the album.

          Anyways, I will keep the listings going.  I don't care!  Money talks and Damon has put his money where his mouth is :> so he's good!  Anyone else is more than welcome, but you have to be quick like a ninja as Damon is, or you're going to miss out, it's that simple.  :>  I Simply Just Do Not Want These Records Sitting Around.  I am moving in a few days to St. Paul, MN, and I will finish getting rid of them there, on ebay of course.  But for the moment, I must get rid of as many LPs as possible!#@

          SO BID!  BID NOW OR DIE! 🙁

          Okay, SO I love you all.  I'm going to bed now 🙂


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          Dork  ;D

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            Dork  ;D

            Buttman 🙁

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