Transwave – Datura EP #Trans’pact#

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      Transwave – Datura EP #Trans'pact#

      SUPER RARE!  Mint condition, unplayed, sleeve like new.  Probably my rarest yet.  Sells for ~50EUROS when found, and right now on discogs there is one for sale @ 60EUROS, you can have it here, in NEW condition for $50.00 US DOLLARS!

      See link:

      Here's a link to the one for sale:

      This is posted on various sites.  First come first serve.  Mainly for collectors!  Transwave's rarest piece of music.


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        sold!  BUT now I have CDs listed on eBay!  =]]]] Oldskool CDs for sale.

        I'm done, I'm out of the music collecting.  bahaha.  I need to make room for my education.  I can't waste my life away “collecting” music.  🙂  Maybe someone else can?!  Go check out my auctions.  Many more CD's to come.


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        Nameless One

          You're going to make a killing 😀

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            Hahah!  Hey EKTO!@#  My friendly northerner! 🙂  I know, kind of.  Some records I'm curious as to why they're not going nearly as high as I thought they would.  It's awesome though.  It's kind of fun, makes me think I should open up a psytrance rarity shop or something 🙂 Psynewsers have been biting, but there've been a lot of lowball offers too where it's like “yo man, i'm not doing a buy 1 get 10 free sale” hahaha 🙂

            Anyways, thanks for the humour 🙂


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              Oh, and I lied about the condition of the datura ep 🙁 i looked at it, ONE SIDE NEW!@#  haha, the other side..may just be film or something, I need a better light (flourescent lights work really well for examining records, better than any other lighting source, make note of that) i don't have access to one right now 🙁


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                Oh, and I just wanted to comment on Outside the Reactor!

                This is like the 5th copy of it I've sold or am rather selling (couple hours left on the auction).  It's also the most I've made off a copy.

                One week, I listed a Hallucinogen Twisted Dragonfly Yellow Fluoro Vinyl for sale, made $53 bucks!

                A few weeks later, sold the same thing for $10.50 hahaha.  It was sad, but that's the “ebay marketplace” for ya.

                So, $20.00 for BR001LP is pretty good for me thus far 🙂


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                Nameless One

                  Hey hey!
                  You're probably selling on the US/North American eBay, right? All the really crazy prices are usually on one of the European satellites (esp. Deutschland)… but I haven't really put it to the test yet.

                  Do you have old CDs to sell or just the wax?

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                  🙂 Thanks 🙂 Got more? 🙂

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