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    the first night was awsome.  just got back and the night was incredible.  This was the busyiest thursday night the bar has seen in a  very long time.  wide variaty of people dancing as well.  the owners stated that they have never seen anyone dance on a thrusday night.  i know that in time there will be and oppertunity to have a chilluminati function there.  fri oct 14th i have the whole bar in my control.  in the frunt untill i play im going to play a chill/dub/ambient/downtempo set.  i have also been told that i can decorate to fit the music.  it will still be a bit befor i get a green light to put it in action but it will happen. 

    I have finally gotten my club that i have always wanted since i left the navy. 

    so with that i also must thank the chilluminati organizers as well. this last year has been the best i have experienced and i dont see the top of the “wave” yet. and dont think i will any time soon. 

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    Congrats  ;D

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    Good going!

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