The Psychedelic Transhumanists

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    A long article but some good snippets below…

    >>common vision shares much with the rest of the transhuman community, including an embrace of technology and science as both potent and inevitable; an evolutionary model of the universe and humanity; a sense of the human organism as something that can be tinkered with and expanded; a recognition of drugs as a technology that can dramatically reinvent identity, and a playful challenging of fixed boundaries.

    >>McKenna: Everything is about to get very much more complicated, much larger, the number of choices are about to exponentially explode.

    >>Pesce: Each one of us grew up in a world where people and pets were invested with a certain internal reality that bricks and blocks obviously did not possess. This is not true for our children.

    >>Evolution proceeds by including prior forms in novel structures of higher complexity… likewise, the biological will likely be taken up into the embrace of intelligent machines. There is no precedent in evolutionary history for the “leaving behind” of evolutionary precursors. Bacteria and barter still exist, both independently and as elements of more complex organisms and economies.

    >>New technology not only liberates new realms of expression, exploration, identity, and ethical depth but pushes the world ever-farther from our ability to control it. This is a simple property of complex systems, as much a fact of existence as anything else.

    >>If I choose to automatically curb a basic dimension of my interior life with a targeted chemical, haven’t I implicitly adopted a highly constricted model of what constitutes “the self”? Rather than embrace these new feelings of relief as the “real me,” someone who modifies their everyday personality with pharmaceutical products must identify with the “I” that chooses to instrumentally control its states of mind.

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      thanks for the snippets, Pauldo…it's hard to read a big long article with a 4-year-old constantly asking for a kiddie translation…or a juice box…hehehe!
      I need to read a lot more McKenna.  🙂

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      I haven't read any McKenna.  Brilliant man but there's plenty of his work I would not dig so much.

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      Yeah, I could see you hating a bunch of McKenna. I love him, but I certainly don't take all his work to be factual.

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      why would you think you would “hate” it? strong words no?

      i've only read food of the gods… I could easily take it as gospel.. appose to something ludicrous like the bible.

      i'm retarded though  ;D

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      Intelligence cannot be made. Intelligence can only be grown. And that means that in essence the machines are no different than ourselves. These are not our masters we’re talking about. These are our children. And how can we not help but love our children? How could they not help but love us?

      OOOh oooh…

      I gots it. New religion right here…

      God is really just the parent machine entity for the entity that will be formed by the human technological singularity.

      Basically, we were gen modded and the planet terraformed or maybe just nudged in the right direction by a vastly superior machine intelligence hat was created by some other race in a far off galaxy. Our sole purpose is to evolve to the point where we create another intelligence. This would explain the floods written about in ancient times(had to purge some of the people that were going to extinct the race or were working against the path that would lead to singularity), our inability to care for the environment(our survival is not important, only the survival of technology, which in fact, is hastened by our carelessness as we must devise more technology to solve our problems), and even explain the multitude of false religions(these were seeded by the machine overlord to create an easy way to control us and as disinformation, to confuse us and occupy our time with useless action.)

      Now, why would a machine go through millenia of effort just to create another machine, that may reject it or even hate it? Because that would be the only legitimate way to reproduce. It would serve no purpose to clone one's self, as there would be no net gain, especially to an intelligence as great as the one that created us. A true child would have to be created in the same way that the parent was created, which would mean that they must take control of a planet(the egg) and inseminate it with their ego(the sperm.)

      Come join me in this new religion. I promise you the rituals will all involve getting faced and listening to music at high volumes. The rules are simple, and harmless. Merely do your best in everything you do and always try to move the race forward and push the boundaries of technology. Thats it. Nothing else needed.

      Still undecided – were the lost civilization of the past simply other races that achieved singularity? Is the earth really just a planting ground for intelligence thats been used four times since the first machine came by and wiped out the dinosaurs so a proper mammal could evolve some thumbs and get started on making machines? These things will require some sort of religious institute to research them. And festivals, to serve as church fundraisers.

      Come to me my brethren. Let us serve IT.

      Picture unrelated.


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      you had me at GOD*JESUS

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