The Gift, Seattle August 6th

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    After bringing together the best intentions to create The Gift within Metapoiesis festival, City Repair and the Oracle Gatherings learned that we created something too large for the site in Mosier, Oregon. In light of recent events, rather than asking people to choose between two events, we have decided to cancel both The Gift and Metapoiesis events as they have been advertised. Both communities will offer small, local gatherings. Donations will be accepted.

    Sunday August 6th, 2006
    Magnason Park in Seattle, WA

    Free – Donations accepted

    LOCATION: Magnuson Park, in Sandpoint.
    Go to 65th and Sandpoint way, follow the entrance to the beach parking lot,
    walk to the water walkway and head south(following the beats).
    Swiming, kite flying, potluck picnic etc….

    Starts at 11am

    Michael Miracle

    2:00  Tina Malia
    3:00 Phidelity
    4:30 Jacaranda
    6:00 Ritual Prayerformance
    6:30 Michael Manahan

    8:00 Osiris Indriya
    9:30  Damon
    10:00 Closing Ceremony and the
      drawing of the next card! 

    To find out more about the workshops in Mosier, please go to

    Both sides have sustained significant financial loss and donations are graciously accepted. If you would like a refund and purchased tickets online through Brown Paper Tickets, please contact [email protected] or call 1.877.278.4842. If you purchased a ticket through a physical outlet, please contact the outlet directly to obtain a refund.

    All of us at the Oracle Gatherings and City Repair have learned a lot from this process and deeply apologize for any inconvenience we have caused. As difficult as this has been, in the end we have created lasting relationships and exchanged essential knowledge about building community and how to heal the earth together.

    We thank you for your continued support and hope you enjoy your weekend.

    The Oracle Gatherings & City Repair


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      Have Fun!

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      Thanks  ;D

      I'm having fun since we landed here  8)

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        Say hey to Kris..

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        Say hey to Kris..

        Sure 🙂

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        can't wait to see the review of the park gift..

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        The whole Oracle Gathering cooperation got canceled. They thrown a free [email protected] by the lakefront.

        Fuckin' great space.

        Will upload pictures later.

        Chris says “Hi”


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        I had a lot of fun. People we met there are those we are missing here in Chicago. And blackberries everywhere, no police, lake, perfedct weather, great music …. good times.

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