Temple B[email protected]’s Blue Star Lounge, Chicago Wednesday March 22th

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    TEMPLEBURN returns to Betty's Blue Star Lounge this Wednesday with very special guests…


    with residents… KEVIN FORD & CHAD NORTH

    For those who haven't seen the light… TEMPLEBURN is in it's 4th month and features the best breakbeat and tech-house / electro DJs in chicago and from around the US. all the DJs we have featured are “heavy-hitters” in the chicago breaks scene, which is still small but growing. the biggest support has been from the BURNING MAN community – hence the title.

    It is a shame that march saw BASE 10's ALGORHYTHM come to a stomping end (till september)… but those who witnessed 30hz's wrath or perhaps BASSNECTAR's the week before… know how special this music and this scene is.

    This wednesday…

    Beatnix Labs, Militant Sex Council, Los Angeles
    link to new mix: http://www.moxlust.com/mixes/hijack_the_disco.mp3

    Schooled in the traditional form of drumming, MadHuban was able to
    develop his sound as a barrage of complex beat time signatures
    twisted synth lines and bottom heavy bass. Heavily influenced by
    Jazz, ska, hip-hop, and jungle, Mad Huban set out to break musical
    boundaries without loosing the dance floor appeal. With his debut
    release “Down” (Beatnix Labs 002_featured in IDJ Magazine), the Mad Huban sound was fully materialized. With crisp, slicing beats and
    interweaving female vocals, this track had found it's way toward the
    crates of top notch Djs across the globe. It was soon followed up by a
    smashed out remix of Bassplugger's “Berserker” (Beatnix Labs
    003_featured in Mixer and URB Magazine). A much darker
    version than the original, the remix definitively proved Mad Huban's
    taste for heavy-handed bass and complex rhythms. The following year,
    Mad Huban returned once again with the critically acclaimed “Revival”
    Beatnix Labs 004, featured in URB Magazine). Featuring vocals by local LA hip-hop group The Outfit, “Revival” once again showcased Mad Huban’s ability to get the dance floor moving. Charted and supported by Dj's
    throughout the world (Crystal Method, Simply Jeff, B-Side, Future Funk Squad etc.) This release definitely opened people’s ears up to the quality
    sound coming out of Los Angeles.

    2006 Finds Mad Huban and Bassplugger recording under the new moniker, “Latex.” For some clips of forthcoming tracks please click on the link below.

    Mad Huban aka Vince Tarango is currently working as a freelance sound engineer and composer. Recent Projects include; Fox Sports, Maximum Entertainment Group (DVD), Gozu (film), Stepford Wives (film), Audi (DVD), Tatu (music video), Civil Unrest (full length album, Ghettoblasters (full length album) and the Music Video Directors Awards (Sound Design).


    Chillumafia / Chicago

    Damon has been a huge supporter of the Chicago breaks scene. Expect a hard set from this experienced DJ and veteran BURNER…

    Time sluts:

    10-12 DAMON,
    12-1 KEVIN FORD
    1-3 MADHUBAN
    3-4 CHAD NORTH

    ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

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    i will come ,sounds cool for the middle of week.Will you need any Animations or visuals?

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    Show up and talk to promoters – I'm just spinning there 🙂

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    Temple last year was sooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful  ;D

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      Amazing flyer.

      I was standing right next to the fire truck on the opposite side when the temple went up, crying my eyes out for my Mom.  Then, on the walk back to the truck to drive back towards The Real World, the worst dust storm of the week blew up.  I fell asleep against the back tire, my faux fur coat pulled up around my head.

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      Then, on the walk back to the truck to drive back towards The Real World, the worst dust storm of the week blew up. 

      True  ;D

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