sysmyk breeze, july 15th 2006

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      After the psychedelirium party at the saphire, psychedelirium productions presents their second party. The goal of this event is to bring together all types of trance and trancers for an all night experience with 100% local talent. From progressive to hardtrance, the djs will make the bpm rise all night long until your whole body begs for mercy from dancing to much…




      After a booming performance at reverse universe, Jean-Phillipe Cloutier and Zaid Khan (aka Zaid K) are finally ready to give you a second serving of their incredible live experience. With a sound ranging from full-on to morning this is sure to be a live set to remember.


      -DJ WALLY aka rawali
      (, Psychedelirium)

      Host of's psychedelirium radio show, he is always on the look-out for local talent and new releases of all types of trance. He will be presenting a set of progressive trance for this party

      -DJ HORIZON aka Greg Hall
      (24/7, Event Horizon)

      Initially a producer and promoter in the UK, he has become a well known artist here in montreal with his very own Event Horizon. His styles range from night, full-on and morning.

      -DJ BR34TH3 aka Optix aka Kalan Bird
      (, Psytropics, Materia)

      Founder of, Br34th3 is known for consistently delivering quality dj sets that drive the dancefloor wild. Producing recently under the name Optix and delivering a few releases slated for the fall season, we'll get a sneak peak of whats been brewing in his studio as well as a chance to hear a boatload of unreleased material from around the world in his full-on set.

      -CLOWN aka Vincenzo
      (Jester Records, Alien Crew,

      Clown is founder of the tech-trance label and production company, Jester Records which recently released it's first compilation, Rewired. He is also the director of's psychedelic channel. Although his dj'ing abilties apply to many types of electronic music, he'll be presenting a techtrance set for this party.

      -TWINSTORM aka Mario
      (Hybrid Sessions Progressive,

      Twinstorm has four years of experience in the rave scene, having mixed, amongst other styles, tekhouse, hardtek and progressive trance. He will be sure to kick the bpm up a notch with a hardtrance set.

      Tickets on sale at psychonaut at 10$
      at the door 15$
      location revealed 24 hours in advance
      infoline: 803-0293

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        looks good, but what exactly is SYSMYK?

        do you mean, seismic? then shouldn't it be 'psysmic'?

        i have an english degree, you see..  ;D

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          looks good, but what exactly is SYSMYK?

          do you mean, seismic? then shouldn't it be 'psysmic'?

          i have an english degree, you see..  ;D

          ahaha…read this post and didn't even have to look to see who made it…hehe  ;D

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