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    this will probly be a rant.

    I hate the town i live in.  you vote to have your voice heard, and no one seems to here it.  Appleton Wi had a Smoking Ban that covers all places of work.  once again it was left up to the voters and no ground gained.  If it wasnt for all the work that i, and others have put into Ravens, Ravens would not stay open long.  hell there where several bars that stayed open just hoping that this ban would change.  Appleton will probly lose a mess load of bars.  If it wasnt for all the work paying off last month im sure Ravens would be Closing soon too  but thankfully it has started to trun around with out the smokers.  but who wants to go listen to the music they like when they can drive 5 min outa town and listen to shitty music smoke and drink.  the voters and local gov. has really fucked this town hard.  pisses me off that i voted both times and it still wasnt enough.  and another thing is most of the people that voted against this new option are older than 45 and dont really go to the bars anyway.

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