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    best Chilluminati's party so far …


    Androcell -  ;D
    Kilowatts -  ;D
    Spook -  😮 😮 😮 ;D

    great weekend 🙂

    Pics are ready! 🙂

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      A few quick thoughts on SE…

      -Ticks are tenaciously evil little fuckers that must be wiped off the face of the planet.  Join me in the struggle against our arachnid foes on Klandathu!  The only good bug is a dead bug!
      -The chill area was Chilluminati's best yet.
      -Visuals were Chilluminati's best yet.
      -Music was Chilluminat's best yet.
      -Vibe was Chilluminati's best yet (we can thank EVERYONE for this).
      -Bourbon makes me silly.
      -Toki's bike is fun to ride.
      -Golf carts are fun-er to ride, and make you look important.
      -Girls are pretty.

      Especially awesome sets from people I'd never heard play before :
      -Hidro-Ponik (twisted, swirly, dark melodic)
      -Kourosh Dini (on keys) vs. Convolution Integral (on guitar, beats & effects, incl. vox)
      -KiloWatts (idm/new skool breaks fusion)
      -Onnomon (jumpy, jumpy, bouncy, bouncy)
      -LOUD (high-pressure shower of morning power)

      Great seeing everyone out as usual!

      Pics pending!  (Got a great one of you, Damon!)

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        Yes, definately the best Chilluminati party I've been to yet.  BSM, Shai, and Spook (although everyone was great) all had great sets and I think I had more fun than I've ever had in my life dancing to them.  Yay!  Thank you everyone!

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          if anybody found a power suppply for a numark mixer please pm me, send me and email or call me if you know the number.  Thanx so much.


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            I have a power supply that was left at the main stage…I'l unpack and see if it is Numark

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                I have never had a chilluminati experience like SEOA was.  I think it was this weekend that I finally understood what Chilluminati was about, and I got to know a lot of people a lot better than I did before.  When I got there it was 3:15pm on Friday afternoon.  The friends that I was camping with, and had all the gear, did not show up until 1:00am Sunday morning approximately, so I just looked for things to do besides just walking around and reading, and the parking area seemed to be constantly in need of someone to sit and park cars.  Parking cars was awesome for a number of reasons:

                1) People kept switching around as to who I was working with, so I got to meet and talk with a lot of awesome people.
                2) Paul, Dan and I talked for a LONG time, and that was very, very cool.  I'd always wanted to get to know these guys better.
                3) I got to wear a crew badge and feel important  8)
                4) I got to pass out a bunch of my demos  😀

                SEOA was the best damn party I've ever been to and I think there's something about that campground that just makes for awesome parties.  I can't thank chilluminati enough for everything they did to put this difinitive experience together.  Thank you to Shai for bringing out some of the coolest artists I've heard play in a long, long time.  Before this party, psy was a genre I enjoyed but passively next to melodic progressive (the kind of trance I spin) now I can safely say I love them both equally.  The testament to that being that I can barely walk today because of my cumulative dance time. 

                Well, I'll look forward with baited breath to the next one and leave you with a few point form observations:

                – As Paul said, ticks are really, really, mean. 
                – NCN north has some of the largest insects I've seen in North America with my own eyes.
                – Psymbolic can do visuals that are rediculously amazing.
                – The stages were the perfect distance from one another.
                – The chill stage was the perfect relaxation space and I really loved the music I heard there.
                – Children bring an awesome vibe with them. 
                – Fire spinners never get old, it's always cool.  It's a blessing to have them.
                – People at psy parties are soooooooo nice.  I wish everyone in the world had personalities like these people did. 
                – Ben (Psilosyben) is as cool in person as my friends said he was and so is his brother.
                – Garden gnomes and CDJ 1000's go together like PB & J.

                and finally…

                – Igor has cool T-shirts. 😉 Merde.  ;D

                Thanks again, all.

                ~ Matt

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                  I have a power supply that was left at the main stage…I'l unpack and see if it is Numark

                  sweeeeeeeet!!!!!  If it is mine, I'll pay for shipping if you could get it out here right quick.

                  I had an awesome time this weekend.  I'm not that great with expressing my true thoughts, but SEOA was the absolute best party I have ever been to.  In every way.  Thank you's go out to everyone.  Can't wait for the next one. 


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                    – Ben (Psilosyben) is as cool in person as my friends said he was and so is his brother.

                    Awwwww, thank you.  🙂

                    – Garden gnomes and CDJ 1000's go together like PB & J.

                    Yeah they do.  Thanx for the gnome Paul!!!

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                    Highlight of the whole weekend:

                    Fishes are worse than ravers – they bite!  😮 😮 ;D ;D ;D

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                      Oh yeah, to all the Israeli artists who performed and rocked my night.

                      ~ Todah Rabah, chaverim.  😉

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                        I had a ton of fun at this one.  😮

                        Thanks to all of you who came out and made it possible. The vibe was great.
                        Thanks especially to Jeff, Deb, Scott, Jullee, Troy, Mike, Paul, Derby, Igor, Shai, and the chilluminati posse for putting in so much effort to make SEOA a grand, beautiful experience.  ;D
                        much love!

                        this is what i remember now through the swirling fog of memory and time…

                        Don's afternoon dub set was kickass  ;D  ;D  ;D

                        Airyck's morning set was perfect. Good energy and tasty melodies

                        Witchdokta is fun and a great showman. He gets the crowd pumped up  🙂  
                        …too bad they cut the subs during his set (and other late-nighters). I understand the need to not offend the neighbors, but cutting the subs out altogether is like taking the body away from your lover. You're stuck with a head, and it may be a pretty head, but it's still only a head. You need a body too!

                        Spook's visuals were nicely psychadelic. I missed his dj set though and that's a shame, from what I hear…

                        Sameer, Phil, Adam, and Agnotti's campsite above the mainstage (complete with keg) was the bomb  ;D It was great partying with you guys.

                        Moody's sound system on mainstage is stellar  ;D

                        Toki's breaks and Paul's progressive sets were a great intro into Saturday night trance.

                        Alberto's set was fun. Even got some ladies dancing on stage!  😮

                        Androcell's set was inspirational. Super laid-back tempos that didn't make me want to dance so much as chill(um) relax  🙂

                        Killowatts had a groovy IDM sound with thick basslines. A definite treat.

                        BSM's daytime set was pretty cool. I enjoyed listening while recouping at my campsite…

                        I love having chillout on mainstage during the day…

                        Deco for both stages was ideal. The chillstage looked really beautiful at night. The mainstage looked the best on Friday night before the tapestries and poles got fucked up. The spandex over the dancefloor kicked ass.

                        The campground was beautiful and staff were superb.

                        Ticks, like mosquitos and flies, should be smited with glee  8)

                        Vending was cool for the most part, but food choices were pretty poor. Definitely not enough vegan/veg alternatives!

                        People were pretty clean and respectful for the most part. No major incidents, thankfully  🙂
                        Recycling would be nice, but the campground doesn't do it.

                        It's crazy that a three night gathering like that can go by so quick…
                        Two thumbs way up. Good job Chilluminati.

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                        I hate redundant redundancy but I have to echo everyone “BEST PARTY EVER”. Sunday night was my peak night. 🙂 Wow. Best Memorial Day weekend I have ever experienced (though I have been to two Mind States that weekend and that was also an amazing way to spend a weekend). This was my favorite party ever both as an attendee and organizer. Everyone was so helpful and beautiful. I never felt stressed as an organizer and everything self-assembled so neatly and powerfully. People just did things almost telepathically anticipating that it needed to be done.

                        I got to talk to more people than at any Chilluminati party I have ever been to. The quiet spaces in the campground made it easy to strike up conversations. Underfoot made me some beautiful Chilluminati cards to share my contact info, but I only passed out a few. I am going to use those more. 🙂

                        In the embryo days of Chilluminati I used to think the music and art were the most important things. I realize now that the tribe has formed more fully, that it is relationships that is the most important thing. Maintaining our lovely friendships is the key to everything else. Everyone is part now of a tangled web.

                        Speaking of which, NCN Campground is now a part of the tribe. 🙂 They loved you all and desperately want us to keep coming back. They think you all are so great. They say that no event has *ever* cleaned up as completely as you all did, and they have never met so many friendly people at a single event. In case you didn't know, the owner's name is Marv and if you call the number on his website you can talk to him and tell him what a great job he did. The folks behind the main food concession are Pamm and Keith. Security was Eric, Dean, and Dean's son Keith. The folks behind the bar in the warehouse were Terry and Marcie.

                        How many of you realized that there was a working bar selling drinks at the event all weekend? ??? It was in the warehouse behind the main food concession.

                        Pamm at the concession is working on getting a full vegetarian menu at the next event, but we are interested in hearing from anyone who knows a vegetarian vendor for the next events.

                        I loved Witchdokta. He was one of the coolest people I met at SEOA. I loved dancing to Airyck's set. I so wished I could have spent more time stomping. 🙂

                        I had a vision Monday morning of the party as a serpent, coiled through the entire event, and rising toward the stars. I thought later that this was very much like the Mayan god Quetzalcoatl. It was very interesting. The serpentine energy at the party was very strong for me. I knew, just KNEW, from Friday onward that this was going to be a great party. I also think I remembered talking to John about Black River Falls and he had commented that there was a psychic energy boundary that seems to exist around the area and that the area seems to have strong local power.

                        Thanks to Allison and Mandy for their extreme deco help !!! . Thanks also to Linda M, Julie, Tamara, and Aeda-Star. Linda M especially was amazing during the event and I felt like she was a member of the Crew, and I was very happy to finally get to know her. One crowning achievement of this party was the creation of a really powerful outdoor chill space. We finally got the elements together of what a good chill space needs. It was so f—ing beautiful.

                        There were more little kids at this event than any other chilluminati party. I loved them and I want them all to come back!!!

                        Somebody picked up a little girl's folding chair. If anyone has a child's chair, she was very sad to lose it. Please contact me directly.

                        I was also really happy to see an increasing number of older party. A true tribe is multigenerational, and it is slowly happening.

                        Thanks to Tamara and DJ Freefall for spending so much time at parking. 🙂

                        Sorry the wind blew down so much deco on Saturday. 🙁 We are still working on the Weather Control Satellite but I think it needs a new battery.

                        Alan's Namaste cards kicked butt and really touched me deeply. 🙂

                        Bob the Builder's See Saw was fantastic. We need more Big Toys!!!


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                        It was really a great Party … thanks to all that helped with the stages and setups/teardowns.  We definately will be up again and Jeff is righty-right.  Marv and crew love you guys!  Thanks for making this a great first event at NCN.

                        Oh, and I am looking to take up to 3 people on ride share out to Gaian Mind.  Let me know.


                        JimBob and JanetBob of Phoenix Traders

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                          Still growing out galleries, but this is what's there so far…

                          Underfoot's Photos:

                          Asmadeus' Photos:

                          My personal favorites : the wee trancers!


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