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    If you can describe it, NCN has it.

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    i acquired and subsequently lost 5 or 6 lighters over the course of the weekend…

    whoever ended up with them, please return them to their original owners.  😛

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    Knowing that my lighters have apropensity to walk away I decided to name the three that I brought with.  I named them Derby, Fixer and Jeff Z.  Ya see my thinking was that if I lost one of my lighters a person finding the lighter might know one of those three people.  Hopefully they would hand the lighter back to one of those people thinking it was their lighter.  Upon discovering that I lost Derby, Fixer or Jeff Z. I would ask them if anyone handed their aptly named lighter back to them.

    It was also kind of a death match thing too for me.  Which lighter would survive the weekend intact and still be in my possesion!?  Fixer and Jeff Z. survived, Derby is lost.  🙁 

    I did discover a lovely orange Bic though in the parking lot next to my car which I would be happy to keep.  Bic is my lighter of choice!  ;D

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