Revitalize one year anniversary with Dan Efex!!!! 01/15/2011

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      [url=http://”[email protected]/5249738789/”%5D5249738789_d48f7d1e34.jpg[/url]
      [url=http://”[email protected]/5249738789/”%5DRevitalize January 2010[/url] by [url=http://”[email protected]/”%5Dpsilopsyben%5B/url%5D, on Flickr

      Come out of the cold and Revitalize your senses with a night of Psychedelic music at the Mercury Lounge with your hosts….the Audiognomes. This is our one year anniversary, and like usual, we are bringing in extra sound and setting up to allow for maximum dance floor space. So bring your beautiful selves and help us celebrate!!!!

      Special guest dj:

      Dan Efex

      Dan Efex is well known for his ability to draw a frenzied excitement out of even the mellowest of crowds. It is not uncommon to see fans packed shoulder to shoulder, hands in the air, as he leads them through an energetic and intoxicating journey on the dance floor. There are many who consider him to be one of the founders of the Midwest”s trance scene, a scene that is still strong and growing today. He was one of the first to introduce the Midwest to the soaring build-ups and powerful explosions characteristic of some of his styles of trance. But although Dan is perhaps best known for his trance, do not be fooled — he is as diverse as he is skilled! His repertoire of past events includes sets with progressive trance, psychedelic trance, hard techno, hard core, hard house, slow breaks, tribal and ambient. He mixes it up and keeps it interesting. His unfailing ability to read the crowd and know precisely what to plug in ensures that he leaves no stragglers behind on his musical excursions.


      Audiognomes dj's:

      Luminous Samael

      Mercury Lounge
      117 E. Mifflin
      Madison, WI

      Mercury Lounge is located next to the Bartell theater, just off the north corner of capitol square, follow Webster around capitol square, past Hamilton and take your first left on Pinckney street, then left again on Mifflin, parking available across the street in designated spots, or across Webster down the street into the residential hood.

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        oh yeah, this is tomorrow isn't it?



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