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    If your up in appleton wi check this out

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      😛              😛              😛                😛            😛              😛                😛              😛            😛              😛            😛                     
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      Working on booking dates for most all of Feb and i belive there is one date availble in jan availble.

      will have a flyer for the month of jan posted asap.

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        Other than the 11th in Feb. I should be free for a weekend.

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        Other than the 11th in Feb. I should be free for a weekend.

        You should come up Kaiser. It is cool.  ;D

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        New month is Up


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          that is a really cool picture

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          Sooo sweet  ;D

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          here is febuary's weekend line up.

          2/3 in the Cave –  Big E. Records presents
          Lil Ric's  birthday bash featuring
          Themboyz, Chaos and Lil Ric
          Enter to win a $25 Shake it contest with a free CD and a Big E. White T shirt
          in the Lounge – Ground Control, Ewald & Tazl

          2/4 Psygomin and friends in the Cave & Lounge (Psygomin's 25th day)

          2/9 in the Lounge – PSI Control
          in the Cave –  All the way up from Miami Doormouse ($7 Cover for this event)

          2/10 in the Lounge – DJ GruV & Friends
          in the Cave – DJ HO'D & Deejay 1200

          2/11 in the Cave –  Dub*Star LIVE PA
          Heavyweight dub from the conscious underground Live PA set
          in the Lounge – Cerberus

          2/17 in the Lounge – DJ Peach
          in the Cave  DJ Pro-Lin

          2/18 in the Lounge – Psygomin and DJ Pro-Lin
            in the Cave – DJ Zack, DJ Dustin and DJ Rob

          2/24  Stickee Fingazz in the Lounge & Cave
          2/25 in the Cave –  Sunday Flood and ?
          in the Lounge – DJ Grenz

          Flyer is on the way

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          Tuesdays- Zack White N Friends
          Every other Wednesday- Dub Star Sound System
          PSI Control Thursdays

          Coming in March

          3/3  Hardy Mums (formerly The Peter Raspby Project)

          3/10  Beyond Fate & Circle This  in the Cave

          3/11 in the Cave ENICAR
          in the Lounge Chicken & friends
          3/17 (St Patricks Day) DJ Ground Control in the Lounge
          Splyne in the Cave

          3/18 Hecubus (funk/hip hop/dnb) & Arsenal (dnb)
          3/24  DJ Psilosyben & DJ T Ruxpin & DJ Cubensis in the Lounge

          3/25  88MPH

          3/31 DJ Schaick (funky tech house) along with Lance Matthew (progressive house)
          DJ Schaick will be giving away free CD's of his newest mix

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            the 24th?  I thought it was the 25th.  I'm probably wrong.  but I would like to point out that just for fun i am going to be playing mellow techno at this one.  vinyl too.  should be fun.

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            i have no clue i just got the info and put it up here

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            >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(
            wow……….  i have to bump this now just so people can see this.  though i could do the same as others…….
            >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

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              yep, it is the 24th.  I'm retarded sometimes.    ::)

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