Psygomin’s 25th Birthday

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    here is the link to the pics.

    over all this was a great night for me.  this was the best birthday i have ever had.  everyone i had asked to show up, did so, and some of those people i havent seen in a few years. 

    music started early in the front room and the slow trickle of people started to come in. 
    i didnt get a chance to check out toki's set eing i was playing in the back room at the time.

    Underfoots set was relaxed and good.  there was a chill out twards the end and then the owners daughter asked for the tempo to go back up and it went crazy.  just as the dark track started a shit load of people appeared outa no where, instantly both rooms were well to the point of being full. every one dancing.

    as for the music in the Cave:  i played the mix that i uploaded here with some other songe including Ocelot- Happy Birthday, which was just crazy.  there was a decient flow of people while i was playing though when i got done everyone left.  which sucked, sorry ben.  bens set was great and full of energy and from what i could tell the damn ghost in ravens was giving ben problems with his midi interface again.  and then the last 30 min of the bar being open was just insane.  Psilopsyben said he looked up and there where crazy amounts of people outa no where.

    sounds to me that everyone had a great night.  i know i did.  i wish more cake had gotten eaten. it was weird that my parents where there the whole night as well, and my dad was digging the hell outa what the dj's where doing.  im not sure about up front ut i know my dad watched ben play for like 30 min at least.  wow

    thanks to every one who came out to my birthday

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    Happy Bday Big Boy 🙂

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      Glad you had a good bday man.  I had a good time.  I wasn't too put off by the lack of people during the beginning of my set.  I expected it.  I was playing opposite Paul for christ's sake.  Not many people being in there enabled me to play the funky wierd stuff I have that I normally wouldn't play.  I also got the chance to walk off and get a drink/watch paul a couple times too. 

      Toki played a great set.  Great mixing and lots of awesome tunes to chill to.  You had a fun set as well, everytime I came back there I wanted to dance my ass off.  I tried, but my hangover was preventing too much of that.  Damn Inferno.  ::)  New personal rule: no heavy drinking the night before a gig.

      But I did have great time there.  The people from nowhere energized me greatly.  I just kept playin and playin until they finally had to tell me to turn it off whenever the hell they did.  I was very glad I ended up finding that “item” I lost at the end of the night also. 

      I will beat that ghost someday man.  Every other place I take my laptop my midi wrks fine.  On saturday, it wrkd for about 40 min and then it just unexplicibly(sp?) stopped wrking.  I hate that ghost and I want him dead.  Wait. He is dead.  Damnit, now what do I do.?

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