Psygomin- "Undiscovered Energy"

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    Undiscovered Energy
    Undiscovered%20Energy%20Web.jpg (right click save target as)

    01- Plastic Vibe- Gone
    02- Psycraft- Bad Girl
    03- Opposite8- From Noga To Venus
    04- Dali- My Way
    05- Twisted Reaction- Acid Theater
    06- Psynina- Psytropic Red
    07- Onyx Vs PTX- Insight
    08- Lani- Lost In Venice
    09- MFG- Shining Faces
    10- Luxor- Mexican Theme
    11- C.P.U- The Reaktor
    12- Biogenesis- Atomic Tendancies


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      Everything Bio Genesis has released has been wicked.  Thanks for the mix!

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        Oooooooooooh, that Dali track is pretty eeeeeeehhhgggg…but I like the rest a lot.  No gripes with the mixing, as my recent one has faaaaaar more glaring fuckups (mixing in during unexpected breakdowns, etc.). 

        Can't decide if the slam-in at the 36 minute mark is working.  Sometimes, when I want to bring a track in really abruptly, I'll bring it in sans high, low with only a little mid.  That seems to announce its presence without it being too glaring.

        LOVE — LOVE the Luxor guitar track.

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        that slam in is caused from mixing on a numark matrix 2 mixer.  it was good to lern mixing with but it sucks now.  i need to get a new one.  i want to get a numark 5000fx. 

        and as for the dali track. Dont i usally have one track the really shouldnt be there?

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