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    New Full-On Melodic Morning Psy Mix From Psygomin

    Digital Humans

    Track List:
    01- Astrix- Lost Inside
    02- Granetic- Killer Triller
    03- Atomic Pulse- The Source (Pop Stream Remix)
    04- Mahamudra- Romeo
    05- Voice Over- See The Light
    06- Power Source- Vorlan (Ultravoice Rmx)
    07- Paranormal Attack- The Pill
    08- Oforia- Unusual Game
    09- Delirium- Silence (Freakulizer Remix)
    10- Spectrum- Bad Boys Rmx
    11- DNA- Kick Me Up
    12- Puzzle- Opening
    13- Shift- Dune 2


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    Downloading it. Enjoy it this evening a lottttt! Thank you Psygomin  ;D

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      09- Delirium- Silence (Freakulizer Remix)

      Freakulizer did a remix of Silence?  This I gotta hear…

      And it's “Delerium” with two “e” I believe.

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      we all know i cant spell  ;D

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        Mixing's ace, as always.

        I'm no stranger to the land of cheese, but the following stuck out to me as…um…dairy-based.

        -the “if you wanna dance, then get up” track // Always dislike samples/vocals that go along the lines of “Let your body go and groove to the music.” or “Get out on the dancefloor!”   

        -Freakulizer's treatment of “Silence” was kind of lackluster, too.  The vocal wasn't synched up to the melody very well, as in the case with most of the clubby remixes of this super-played-out anthem.  Not as psyed-up as I was hoping.  I think producers can just stop making remixes of “Silence” as well as “Anomaly : Calling Your Name” — we're fine as-is, thanks.   

        -The DNA track has some pretty iffy vocals, too.  I mean, they try rhyming “base” with “ass.”

        Some technical crits :

        -If you're going to use full illustrations from the web as cover art, you should at least credit the artist somewhere on the sleeve, if not ask their permission first.  If, of course, you made that girl in some 3D program yourself, it's all good.
        -You can create ID3 tags for your mp3s by right-clicking on them in Winamp, hitting “View File Info” and entering in your info there.

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        the first 6 tracks are unreleased or vinle released.  this didnt have the energy i like.  though this mix worked well at the bar last night.  it was time for a new mix for me and this one will prolly get replaced soon. i noticed alot of the samples/vocals in most of the tracks.  in my head when i recorded it they where just in the back ground. 

        and as for the art i did ask for permission and got it and the artist said not to put his name on it, to the point of him not wanting to ruin what he did and what i did.

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          point of him not wanting to ruin what he did and what i did.

          I'm not sure I follow.

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          point of him not wanting to ruin what he did and what i did.

          I'm not sure I follow.

          it was hard enough getting him to let me use the image, but it looks good. 

          time to go work on some thing new

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