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      Phonolite.ca and Psychonaut are proud to present:

      Psychoactive 3
      October 07 2006
      Montreal, Canada

      After two years of success, this coming fall we invite you to come celebrate Phonolite.ca and Psychonauts 3rd year anniversary where the grand clans of the psy and breaks communities shall be united under one roof featuring a host of local heroes and international artists.

      Après 2 années de grand succès, la 3 ième édition de Psychoactive sera de retour pour l'automne. Venez donc célébrer le 3 ième anniversaire de Psychonaut et Phonolite ou seront unis sous un même toît les heros locaux et internationaux des scenes psy-trance
      et breaks.


      CHROMATONE (Live)
      Vapor Vent Recs
      San Francisco CA.

      KODE SIX (Live)
      Montreal, Canada

      Geomagnetic.tv / Psicotik

      Materia Recs

      Tech Safari
      Eclipse Festival
      Headroom Rec

      Event Horizon
      24/7 Records

      F.A.K. Ottawa
      Teknoturtle.ca CHUO 89.1 Fm



      SNORK (Live)

      Inspectah Cut
      F.A.K. Ottawa





      Visuals provided by:
      Vj Mikiram
      Psytropic records.de

      Deco by Phonolite and friends


      July/juillet $20
      Aug/aout $25
      Sept/septembre until the event $30
      Door/porte $40

      Tickets will be available starting in JULY @ the following locations:
      Les billets seront disponibles dès juillet aux magasins suivants:

      154 Prince Arthur E.
      Montreal, Quebec
      (514) 844-8998

      Chanvre du Nord
      38 de Martigny E.
      St-Jerome, Quebec
      (450) 565-5305

      Out of towners please call Psychonaut (514) 844-8998 to purchase tickets via credit card
      or log onto http://www.psychonaut.ca to purchase tickets via Paypal.

      Pour ceux qui sont hors de la ville svp appelez Psychonaut (514) 844-8998 pour acheter
      vos billets par carte de credit ou visitez http://www.psychonaut.ca pour acheter vos billets
      via Paypal.

      Location revealed 24 hrs prior to event on all boards and on Psychonauts Infoline: (514) 844-8998
      Lieu dévoiler a 24hrs d'avance sur tout les forums et sur l'infoline de Psychonaut: (514) 844-8998

      for all questions please contact: djbr34th3(a)hotmail.com

      visit: http://rave.ca/calendar.php?id=9137

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        Chromatones Bio:


        Chromatone is Lawrence Hoffman, a San Francisco native who has been producing electronic music for over a decade. Working as a professional audio consultant, producer, engineer, he is also doing mastering for many labels: Vapor Vent, Peak Rec, Geomagnetic.tv, Mind Funk, Noise Poison, Drop Out, plus a growing list of clients. After training in visual arts with the legendary Doctor Spook they produced the Video: “Chromatone – Mightochondria” released on the successful Geomagnetic “Magnus” and “Virtual Vortex” DVDs. As VJ Dr. Hoffman he has now projected visuals at several events.
        A local favorite in San Francisco, Chromatone has blasted at countless parties in the U.S. and Mexico with other top shelf international acts. At Burning Man Festivals 2003 and 2005 Chromatone performed unprecedented live sets in true 8-channel surround sound. In 2004 Chromatone played the huge Zoom Festival in Zurich and at the Boom with Crazy Lions Cult, then the Full Moon 2005. Now in 2006 a 6 month tour in Europe.
        After releasing four trax on King Records Japan, Lawrence compiled the CD “Vaporize” for his own label Vapor Vent. Then working in France with Mechanik records to produce, mix, and master the double comp, “Mechanik Castle”. Back in San Francisco, many collaborations with his studio partner Random produced releases including trax on Spun, Acidance, and Time Code records. Current projects: “Vaporize 2”, “Chromaconnection” and an album from his psy breaks project “Morphonix”, on Vaporvent in 2006.
        Through deeply spiritual and emotional connections to his music and an intrinsic understanding of audio manipulation, Chromatone has become one of the most powerful emerging voices in Psytrance today. His masterful employment of intricate sound-scapes and multi-textured layers take listeners on journey after epic journey through the uncharted territories of the mind.

        Hope to see some of you there!.. peace  -Kalan

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          Neuromyth Bio:

          Francois Bureau aka Neuromyth was Born in Montreal Canada october 18th 1989. He has been producing Psytrance for a few years now and has been learning the ropes at what can only be expressed as a highly accelerated rate. He is also one of the youngest psy producers in the scene today to have material released. His style can be described mainly as dark, but always with a hint of full-on. His recent signing under Geomagnetic Records Canada has brought him quite a bit of attention over the past year and now has plans to release his first solo album in the near future, in the mean time keep your eyes open for the numerous singles to be released this summer 2006 from Neuromyth.

          Studio Equipment & Software Used.
          Ableton 5.0.1
          Peak 4
          Imac G5 1.8 Ghz w/1Gb Ram
          Stanton RM3 Mixer
          M-Audio Oxygen 8 Midi Controller

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            Dj Horizon

            DJ Horizon is Gregory Hall, and has resided all his life in France, Germany, UK and now Montreal, Canada. He was introduced to the London underground trance scene at the age of 17 years when moving to London. He taught himself how produce music and mix. In early 1999, decided to create his own psychedelic parties named Event Horizon. Within one year he accomplished several full-on events presenting top quality artists and each party displaying different themes, décor and vibe. Now based in Montreal, Canada Horizon is continuously pushing his boundaries to present new ideas and concepts either musically or in event organization. With his background in electronic music production he has pushed to develop a unique djing style (Night/Twilight, Full-on and Morning) to portray maximum energy on international dance floors. Horizon has preformed all over Europe, Canada and the US. He’s preformed in cities like Graz – Austria, London & Manchester, Ottawa & Montreal, San Francisco, New York etc. He is currently working for Twenty4seven Records presenting exclusive unreleased material in his sets from the label. Currently he is now working full-time in the studio & preparing compilations soon to be released on the label.


            link to the compilation release that will be out 10 days before this massive event. boom!

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              KodeSix is Montreals own dj Br34th3 and dj Neuromyth. Channeling their shared experience and their love for electronica into studio production over the past few months has led to a series of relentless mind bending dancefloor stompers. Already with upcoming releases on Geomagnetic Recs, remixes by N.R.S. (Ambivalent Rec./ L.P.S.) and a collaboration with Twisted System (Timecode) their music promises to deliver.

              Heres a sample for one of our last tracks enjoy!! .. -Kalan

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