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    Hello everybody !

    We are  happy to introduce you here to our new compilation Psy Stories II. 
    Following the first Psy Stories  released in October 2005  we are now almost ready with this second collection of  tales.
    We  would like to thank all the artists involved and all the others who have send us their demos: it have been difficult to choose the tracks coz we got a lot of excellent material 🙂
    Release day is not fixed yet:  we work for making it possible for the end of May /  beginning of June.
    Soon we will upload samples of the music.

    Tracklist will include productions by :

    Psilo Cowboys
    Hokus Pokus
    Red Eye Jedi
    Galaxy Madness
    Phonic Request & Akhoa
    Kindzadza & Kaliflower

    Psychedelically Yours

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      Awesome! Always look forward to Parvati releases!

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      Awesome! Always look forward to Parvati releases!

      yeah um Scott?  did you have some plastic surgery and a sex change recently?  You're looking pretty hot in your new avatar pic!  It's ok, we support you in your new lifestyle choice.  ;D

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      Release date: 25th of May


      01) Psilo Cowboys – Sneaky Vibes
      02) Derango – Oscilla
      03) Hokus Pokus – Rock On
      04) Red Eye Jedi – RP5
      05) Encephalopaticys – Intellectual Homons
      06) Galaxy Madness – Parvati Cream
      07) Atriohm – No Name Channels
      08) Phonic Request & Akhoa – Bee People Abduction
      09) Kindzadza & Kaliflower – Viva Tempo
      10) Tsabeat – Magletcha

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      Hello !
      release date have been moved to the 1st of June.

      mp3 samples of the tracks will be uploaded soon

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      Just a quick message to tell you that we have uploaded
      on our website
      samples of each track of the new v/a Psy Stories II.
      Release day will be the 1st of June.

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      Psy Stories II is now released and available in the shops

      Parvati Records is happy to present the new V/A “Psy Stories II”. After the
      first part released in October 2005 here comes the second selection of
      tales: ten brand new tracks written for this compilation having the focus on
      the psychedelic element. Music for the mind and also for the body : these
      are dancefloor friendly tracks selected in order to take the listeners for
      an 80 minutes long journey through different sound landscapes.

      Parvati Records package offer:
      We have prepared with Wirikuta shop online 2 different packages at special prizes with some of the previous Parvati releases: the first including all the previous released albums, and the second with the complete Psychedelically Yours compilation serie.

      Offer 1: All previous released albums on Parvati Records in one package for a special price: 54 euro
      NAKED TOURIST – Mad Different Methods
      PARA HALU – The World Of Peace
      KINDZADZA – Waves From Outer Space
      PSYCHOTIC MICRO & AZAX SYNDROM – Voices Of Madness;jsessionid=JCBKAEHIHLNC?showDetail=126462 

      Offer 2: Va/Psychedelically Yours vol 1,2,& 3 in one package for a special price: 30 euro
      Artist on compilations:
      Digital Talk, Psycho Micro, Dark Nebula, Mic, KinDzaDza, Toxic, N3XU5, Insane Behavior, Naked Tourist, Phonic Request Vs Akhoa, Jahbo, Ohm Gnome, Wizard Lizard, Syntax Error and more.;jsessionid=JCBKAEHIHLNC?showDetail=126478

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