PsiloPsyBen on Rux Radio:Trance Edition 2.26.06

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      Not sure where to post this.  I hope this is right.

      Rux Radio:Trance Edition 2.26.06
      Sunday night at 9PM(midwest time) on M U LIVE!! (

      Rux Radio prides itself on being an equal opportunity employer. Covering Everything from Hip-Hop to Hardcore. The freshest tracks from the top of the US and Ukelectronic music charts and DJ tracklists. As well as exclusive premieres, local artists, news, comedy, live guest djs, and RuxRadioHotMixes.

      This week Rux Radio takes an insightful look into what those turned off by the commercialization of electronic music in the late 90's might call, the “dirty word” of electronic music…


      We'll be checking out the current top 10 trance records in the US and UK as well as T.Ruxpins hand selected Epic Raver Trance Froo Froo Selections. You know, the tracks that, when you heard them at parties “back in the day” you either scoffed and complained to your “uber-raver-sheik” friends or you “reached fo' da laszas” as your E started to kick in. One way or another… YOU SECRETLY LOVED IT!!!

      Of course we couldn't say we've truly covered the genre, if we didn't show you how trance was truly meant to be. With a voyage into what some might call this increasingly popular genre, “The trance to end all trance?”

      This week Rux Radio brings you an exclusive Live in Studio DJ set from
      DJ Psiloypsyben of the Audiognomes (Madison)

      As opposed to other genres, very few names come to mind when speaking of the growing popularity of Psy and Goa music in the midwest. The Audiognomes have made a clear benefit to the spread of the Psy Culture in our area through their events and impressive list of artists.

      DJ Psiolopsyben, a recent edition to the Audiognomes, has already made a name for himself throughout the midwest, quickly becoming a veteran of Psy, via his DJ mixes, an impressive collection of original material and performances at numerous regional events.

      A rising performer, with an unmistakably original quality and flare to his craft, this set is not to be missed.

      DJ Psilopsyben

      Playing a 2 hour set of the best in Psy Trance on Rux Radio

      Hosted by DJ T.Ruxpin.

      As well as world premieres of original tracks by various midwest trance artists, and as always taking requests at ruxradio on Yahoo Messenger or on Midwest-Underground.

      Finish your week the right way, with Rux Radio! Sunday night at 9PM on M U LIVE!!!

      Connect FREE at
      With Windows Media Player(
      Winamp (

      Interested in performing on or submitting music on Rux Radio? (
      Email:[email protected]

      Should be something fun to listen to on a sunday night.  I'll be on from 10 till midnight.  I'm not much of a chillout/downtempo person, so put on your raver shoes and get ready to rock out in your living room.

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