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    Deerfields has been so far my favorite outdoor venue.  The main stage and chill stage are seperated by a long trail.  There is swimming on the lake near the chill stage.  It was beautiful floating on an inner tube while listening to a chill dj.  The main stage had a huge tent for shade and air flow.  If we rent a tent, this is the kind I want to rent, although it took for people per pole to raise.

    The vendors were near the main stage.  There were 2 food vendors and 3 product vendors.  The food was good and cooked fresh to order.  Rosetta's Kitchen and Psychedellicatessen

    The main stage deco was some of the best of I have seen from the devottee.  He really hit one with his setup.  He had some new string art triangles and even spandex on the inside of the tent.  Shane had a few new pieces too.

    The main stage dance floor is slanted downhill sideways.  Any long term dancing results in a back ache.  The music might be better placed so people dancing uphill instead.

    The main stage was filled with djs who love 3am music, not many of them played to the crowd.  It was kinda disappointing to see this kind of change in the style of a psy trance dj.  Every dj wants to show off their “new & unreleased” tracks … who-hoo.  I am more interested in seeing a dj who has everyone dancing.

    The party at the main stage really wasn't going until late sunday morning during icy coil's set and more into medcine man.  The vibe was really mellow and down friday night.  Saturday was a bit improvement in number of dancers, and saturday night we had a little more action on the dance floor.  There were a few crazy dancers going off on saturday night.  It seemed people were waiting for something to happen, but until sunday when they knew they were leaving they decided to let loose and dance.

    The still stage was nice, but a little quiet, apparently so the owner could sleep at night.  There was plenty of room for poi and hoop dancing.  One girl was making hoops during the weekend.  Although I didn't see any good hoop performers, I saw some interesting poi.  I regrettably missed all the good fire though.  Apparently there was an amazing poi and staff set.

    I saw over 150 tents while walking around to the chill stage.  The camping area was nice and spread out.  There were 2 or three big seperate areas to camp.

    I did meet a lot of cool people though.  Talked with a few new faces and got to know others a bit more.  Its fun to see everyone from asheville again and meet some out of towners as well.  Lots a people came from NY, some from Texas, Mass, ohio, Cali, Kansas and Iowa.

    Can't wait until next year, I want some more.

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    I didn't take that many pictures.  Hopefully, someone else took more?


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    If you are on Tribe JeffZ's blog entry on Pow wow is excellent.

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    If you are on Tribe JeffZ's blog entry on Pow wow is excellent.

    Thanks Jef B. , best review I have written for awhile 🙂 guess that shows that I was a bit inspired by the event..

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