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    I met a bunch of you peple this weekend, but I am not sure I have the person matched with their online persona. Please post yer pics here to help people know who they are talking to and to help us find eachother when we are out at events.

    Picture is from further 2003, so please forgive my pure filthyness 😀 (thats not a tan, I'm just that dirty)

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    I cannot post my pic because I am an enhanced ape and as a result am wanted by CIA and Freemasons for experimentation and dissection. The only way to keep my banana intact is to masquerade in this mansuit as a Chicago white guy. Please do not ask me to blow my interspecies cover.

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    Ok, then how the hell do I figure out which guy you are? From the things you posted in the art thread, I am thinking you are married to the girl that was doing decorations at dreamfields…

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    Here I am (although I have kept my lip ring out lately) :


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    Dj Horizon

      eventhorizon-EVENTHORIZON.jpg eventhorizon-ShaktiVism.jpg

      Greg aka Dj Horizon (Pukka Music Records – Event Horizon Productions) – UK/CA

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        Lauryn (Mistical Productions, Boston)

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        I have yet to upload photos of what I look like at this time, but these are pretty close. The major difference is my short beard.

        At Dreamfields I wore all black and had a black boonie hat on for most of the show. I also hung out with a little (as in size, not age :P) girl with bleached hair who for most of the nights was wrapped up in a blanket.

        I think I met you, Nate… You were with Matt, right?

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        “So … is this party officially on?” You could at least say”Hi” sucker  ;D ;D ;D ;D

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        “Hi Sucker”        ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

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        “Hi Sucker”        ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

        I'm shorter than You but I'll kick You in the junk next time I see You 🙂

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        ok as long as i can go first

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        ok as long as i can go first

        No  >:(  ;D ;D ;D

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          Me on the right. Most of you already know the wierdo to the left.

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