out now: Wellspring 1: Equinocturnis

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      Wellspring 1: Equinocturnis

      GEOMAGNETIC.TV (Morning Star) is super excited to announce their newest celebratory release: Wellspring1: Equinocturnis.

      Capturing and amplifying the Spirit of the spring equinox Wellspring ritual
      celebrations in northern California, Wellspring commemorates the community
      joy in life, art and never-ending rebirth with pounding trance beats,
      otherworldly soundscapes and banging basslines.

      Enjoy sacred musical expressions by: Chromatone vs Helios, The Loomii,
      Mindstorm, Quadra, Penta, Aeon, Random, Bodhisattva 13:20, Deeper in Zen,
      and Rob-ot – a perfect balance of light and dark within a unique elixir of
      grounding, cosmic beats! From ‘New Consciousness’ and ‘Vibrations’ to
      ‘Trancendelia’, each track is harmonically tuned and compiled with geometric
      alignment to create maximum physical, mental, emotional and psychic
      cleansing…a dynamic meditation for every body!

      Enter the Dance Circle, Rejuvenate your Spirit, and Dance the Eternal Spiral
      of Rebirth & Universal Bliss!

      Note: Tracks 1,4,5,7,10 are from the original super-secret pressing
      distributed to the happy dancers at the Wellspring:Equinocturnis ritual
      event in 2002 and as the 4 min samples support – they are ultra classic!

      For superb, 4 minute, psychedelic samples, & to purchase:



      1. CHROMATONE vs HELIOS – New Consciousness
      2. THE LOOMII – Freak Factory
      3. MINDSTORM – Psybernetic
      4. QUADRA – Vibrations
      5. PENTA – Blue Xmas
      6. AEON – There For- Party
      7. RANDOM – 13 Again
      8. BODHISATTVA 13:20 – Gung Fu Trippers
      9. DEEPER IN ZEN – Trancendelia
      10. ROB-OT – 1995

      Mastering by: Chromatone and Random

      Join the excited conversation on Isratrance that celebrates this new
      release! http://forum.isratrance.com/viewtopic.php/topic/87950/forum/41

      Mastered @ Chromatone Waveworks, San Francisco
      Artwork by Doctor Spook
      Distribution by Saiko Sounds and Geomagnetic Distribution
      (p) and © Geomagnetic Records, Morning Star

      With Global Headquarters in San Francisco, CA, GEOMAGNETIC.TV is the world’s
      leading visionary mastermind in psychedelic visual and aural artistry. With
      past accomplishments such as Magnus and contributing to the cult classic
      Liquid Crystal Vision, as well as a plethora of future releases just minutes
      away, such as the highly anticipated new artist albums: Bodhisattva 13:20 –
      Secrets of the Mojave and Twisted Reaction- Action! , GEOMAGNETIC.TV bursts
      onto the scene full force as the hottest new generation label distorting
      your mind and body with cosmic mind mending innovation.

      Nathan Vogel (a.k.a. DJ/VJ Doctor Spook) is an award winning artist that
      creates a wide variety of cutting edge digital projects, music videos, dance
      party projection graphics, DVDs, 3D interactive games, motion graphics,
      feature film special effects shots and original computer animated
      shows…along with mind blowing psytrance music.

      For more information see:
      | http://geomagnetic.tvhttp://www.mindseyemedia.com |
      http://www.doctorspook.com |

      Please join us on our Tribe.net page: http://tribes.tribe.net/GeomagneticTV
      there you can find out about lots of news and as well as get special

      Contact Info: [email protected]

      For all GEOMAGNETIC.TV Offerings:


      For more information about Geomagnetic Rec. label family latest releases including these hot new full length artist albums:  Random – Implicate Order, Bodhisattva 13:20 – Secrets of the Mojave, Twisted Reaction – Action! visit:


      GEOMAGNETIC.TV…Come See The Music….

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