Onomatopoeia Wednesday 2006.12.20

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    Psymbolic presents: Onomatopoeia Wednesdays

    Some moments have a certain sound.
    Experimental / Ambient / Downtempo / Psymbient / IDM / Breaks / PsyDM / Goa / Psy

    Showcasing a new musical artist every Wednesday.

    7 PM – Midnightish @ Dulcenea ~ an emerging event gallery located in Wicker Park.
    1431 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL 60622
    Any donations go towards supporting the artists.

    Onomatopoeia Wednesdays @ Dulcenea showcases Live Acts/DJ's who create and experiment with genres such as: Experimental, Ambient, Downtempo, Psymbient, IDM, Breaks, PsyDM, Goa / Psy. The music and environment caters to a loungy, laid back and conversational atmosphere leaving you free to delve into the soundscapes, the intricate conversations, or geek-out with the free Wi-Fi.

    Onomatopoeia Podcast –> http://feeds.feedburner.com/psymbolic–onomatopoeia
    Live Sets by past Onomatopoeia artists

    Up-to-date Onomatopoeia Wednesday showcases can be found @ http://www.psymbolic.com/events

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    This Wednesday, [December 20th]

    : Kourosh Dini [live] – Psymbolic shop – [Chicago] :
    Kourosh Dini is a classically trained musician and a psychiatrist focusing on the development of human and thought. The creation of his music is a reflection of the development of life such as that of a person's. His cycling flow of dark and light offers a soundtrack for philosophical contemplation, a great backdrop for generating conversation and a must listen for those who wish to dig a little deeper to appreciate the beauty contained within. (CDs and Album Downloads available through Psymbolic's online shop)

    : Josh Brill [live] – [Chicago] :
    Josh Brill has performed on various albums, toured with international acts, and has played numerous musical theater shows. The psymbient sound that Josh Brill brings to the world is a duality of the ambient and the participatory. The guitar soundscapes begin with a single note, and through the use of loops, the past and present meet as they convolve with their distant relative, future. The sound is akin to the emotional texture of morning raindrops, while the storm clouds dance and morph through the air.

    : Asmadeus – Asmatronica / Liftmuziek / Native State / Chilluminati :
    A classically trained pianist from a prestigious music school in Ukraine, Michael Lazarev has been producing since the age of 12. He founded the 1st non-profit organization of electronic musicians on the internet, United Trackers. In 1997, Mike established Tranceplant Records. With tracks climbing the London radio charts, Mike created a unique electonica sound, blending elements of classical music with glitch and trip hop. In 2000, Mike began working on a solo IDM project, Asmadeus, spawning Shift Records. In 2005, Mike joined the Chicago music scene as a founding member of The Chilluminati and a Native State label DJ.

    Up-to-date wednesday showcases can be found @ http://www.psymbolic.com/events

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    Mr. Roboto

      Sweeeeet!  Lookin forward to hearing and seeing Josh Brill play again.  MR. and Mrs. Roboto will be there!!!!!

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