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    I am getting me a bunch of these  ;D


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    Oh, especially for thsi reasons from their page:

    ” If you're creatively inclined they are also fairly easy to take apart so you can build around the basic assembly to make personalized lamps using rice paper for unique shapes such as cones, pyramids and cylinders of light, or to use them in frosted globes, bowls and vases to make very interesting custom decorative displays of shifting colors.”

    Hrmmm, yet another project. Skywise is right I am an ADD hobbyist.  Oooo, this may be good for our BM mailbox.

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    how many are you ordering?

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    Not sure, I am gonna hopefully do my specs for what I want to build this weekend and think about it from there. At least 3 I am thinking. I just need to talk to some burners to see if my idea is playa proof.  Thinking something with plexiglass would be cool , sorta opaque so it looks real warm and fuzzy like out of an old scifi movie so it fits the art-deco sci fi futuristic type theme of this years burn.

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    I'm going to order one set of three.  lemme know how many you are going to get because larger orders get a discount

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      Very cool Jeff. Thanks for sharing. I may order a set of three as well, Paul. These are very affordable and versitile.

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